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Welcome to CineClub


Dump here suggestions for films, with youtube trailers if you have them. If you have the film indicate that somehow. particularly welcome are shorts that might tie in with a feature length piece, or if anyone has an idea for a small curated collection drop it in.

Generally we will do this wednesday evenings in the small project room. Mitch suggested one for this week...Possession I think? I guess we can add stuff the calendar. put down 2 per week maybe and whoever wants to vote on which to watch can do so through the wiki. so, if we have time after Jans seminar (if it doesnt run very late) possession this week? (trailer Mitch?)


I have it on my drive so we can watch whenever but it is appropriate for Jan's lecture. -Mitchell

Suggestions / things we would like to see

Jiro dreams of sushi,, a documentary about a Japanese man who devoted his whole life to making Sushi. Perhaps Spetters (, a Dutch classic from the eighties by Paul Verhoeven, filmed partially in Rotterdam. -niels

Robert Rodriguez Planet terror

I would suggest we watch one or two of Katarina Zdjelar's videos. Im sure we can ask her about getting some full versions. -hunter

Gus Van Sant - Gerry, 2002

( I have on my computer which I'm waiting to watch...)

The Joderowsky Dune documentary

The Turin Horse (Bela Tarr)

Beau Travaille (clare Denis)

Chronicle of a summer'un_%C3%A9t%C3%A9

Crash (Cronenberg)


Kagemusha (akira kurasawa)

La Granda Belleza (sorrentino)

la conseguenze dell'amore

La Commune (peter Watkins)

Gladiators (peter watkins)

Sans Toit ni Loi (agnes varda)

The Exiles (kent mackenzie)

A Merry War (Keep the Aspidistra flying

Enter the Void - Gaspar Noe

the headless woman lucretia martel

Maddog suggestions.

Austraya represent


The Castle

20,000 days on earth

MS 45

other things

The act of killing (joshua oppenheimer)


the werkmeister harmonies

Boyhood (Richard Linklater)

Some Fellini? Sighle

(sol) - i also have fellinis satyricon and 8 1/2


Mundo Cane -sighle