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This project is about my personal journey, transformation and life changes from being a depressed unhappy person to being a happy and confident person. i believe telling my story is really important because the environment that people are living in, is made for them to be toxic. the society and the culture of open minded people in the society in really toxic to the point that i could not be myself anymore and had to wear this mask of fakeness all the time, in order to improve my net worth and be succesfull in life. i got bullied and limited so many by the society's toxic rules that i believed that i was the problem and i had to change who i was in order to fit the society. i want to show other people who are living in this situation that i was, that there is nothing wrong with them and can be themselves and yet get appreciation for who they are. it is in farsi now but i am thinking to make translation on it for my non iranian friends who happen to like the series. in terms of technical choices, i use archive footages which i filmed with my iphone that i have from where i was living in iran and the whole story is around that time i was living there. it is 8 to 10 episodes and it is releasing every week on youtube.

the connection between all of the works i did till now is that they all have an underlying layer of political matter as a starting point, i am trying to not be political. i observe a lot, i overthink, i start a project only when it's clear in my head, when i can clearly see it, i try to connect dots in my head together. it works like photoshop in my head. starting with a blank page and adding layers until the whole picture is made in my mind.