What Do You See?

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What Do You See?
Creator Felix Obermaier
Year 2020
Bio Felix Obermaier [DE] is a photographer and designer. His work and his research are based on the impact of technology on contemporary images, mass media and performative media. Felix works with photographic images, spatial installations and interactive media. He graduated from Peter Behrens School of Arts Düsseldorf and Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam.
Gradshow felix.jpeg
Website https://www.felixobermaier.de

In recent years more and more images are being made, which are not intended at human spectators, but machines. At the same time, the images made for human spectators, are increasingly generated algorithmically by computers. What do you see? illuminates portraits using the otherwise invisible structured light which is designed to support algorithmic processing of scenes. The work provides an approximation of what a computer “sees”. The moving portraits are projected oversize, making them overlook the exhibition space and the visitors.