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Creator Fako Berkers,
Year 2012
WWWonopoly Board.png
Website http://pzwart3.wdka.hro.nl/wiki/User:Fako_Berkers/Fako_Berkers,_WWWonopo.ly,_2012

People will immediately recognize the game as a variant upon Monopoly. However the streets don't represent streets in Atlantis City or any other city in the world. Instead they portray internet platforms like Facebook, Windows Live, Youtube and Twitter. When you buy part of a set you actually buy shares, bonds or derivates from these web services and although you can't buy houses or hotels you're able to buy “data storages” and “data centers”.

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By staying very close to the game of Monopoly everybody can engage with the work immediately. Funny anecdotes about how people loose their privacy online are included through the “chance” and “community chest” cards. At the same time the digital part of the game demonstrates how something as innocent as a visit to a news site, gets tracked and used to make a profit, possibly at the expanse of the visitor.

People often enjoy social media, but they can't assess the risk tied to them very well. WWWonopo.ly aims to make these risks visible and tangible, in a playful, funny and confronting manner.