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'virtual graffiti' transforms the annotations of last weeks resources into the format of comments. The comments are published under the alias 'T. Harrisson'. Currently Harrisson is active at Youtube, looking for video's were he could connect his comments to.


T. Harrisson's webpage


Videos as annotation; reversing the situation of the comment as auxiliary data to it being the main conversation drive. Comments as a way to democratise information distribution, dissolving knowledge into popular environments with the expectancy of engaging with the community formed around the original .

YouTube is divided into two parts. As the content of the video's that are posted on YouTube were shot by a single author with an aim to represent 'something', you could say that all the content that is online, is only one part of YouTube. The other part contains all the sub-activities around its content: the community of users that write comments, rank the video's and create playlists. You could say that YouTube is in the first part 'representing', and in the second part 'performing'.

The solid text as original data is distributed through network (here Youtube). The new interface (comments) of the text provides its performability both in to and out of its original context.

VIRTUAL GRAFFITi youtube channel
VIRTUAL GRAFFITi piratepad - version 1 → commenting annotations
VIRTUAL GRAFFITi piratepad - version 2 → commenting original snippets