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[Please consider using the form of a log book or field report to contain there chapters, in this way you can make a speculative fiction which uses these ideas and brings in your own work]

I. Introduction

Unbalanced natural systems, extinction of flora and fauna, natural habitat is destroyed, seeking for new possibilities of life forms, an emergency to evolve in order to survive, an emergency of cybernetic structures and behavior, taking the decision to rebuild natural systems (Bateson’s application of cybernetics)[<you need to make an explicit relation between cybernetics and evolution, the adaptation in cybernetics is the same as the adaptation in nature (Bateson claims)], new promising plans for the future [bibliography for this section]

II. Body (The attempt of adaptation)

II.I Cybernetic apparatus -Experimentations with apparatus, building new machines and tools to construct new natural systems, transport, research on process -Outcome: the creation of the laboratory -Issues: automata, repetition, calculations, not very diverse outcomes since everything was programmed and build by only one mind, AI is not enough individual. Next plan is to create clones and other intelligences in order to prevent the repetition. -History of cybernetic machines and contemporary forms of use

[bibliography for this section]

II.II The exploration of micro and macro universes (systems theory and homeostasis) -Experiment: The journey and the analysis of the macrocosm, testing the terrain, learning from the environment (behavior), going through different systems and subsystems -Outcome: understand relations and symbiosis of systems, understand the exchange of information and the actions in forms of evolution -Issues: how to create a system that is not invasive and can integrate with other systems, how can it flourish and evolve in a fruitfully way, how can it give the information to other systems to improve the whole -General systems theory, homeostasis

[bibliography for this section]

II.III The creation of intelligent life forms and environments -Experiment: Experimentation with matter and sciences like light beams, water, synthetic materials, histology, bionics, machines, systems biology -Outcome: The creation of new intelligent and self-organizing life forms and environments, neural networks, the integration of individuals into dynamic systems, -Issues: how to keep balance, how to make independent systems, how to avoid automata -Cybernetics, feedback system, adaptation, receptors-effectors-messengers

[bibliography for this section]

II.IV 0967.aX (individual clone) -Experiment: Creation of a clone, an individual, new brain, introducing hormones to the circuits and artificial biological body to create emotions -Outcome: bio droid, AI -Issues: too similar to the creator, his purpose and will is programmed and depends on applied algorithms, body adaptation the AI accelerator is not as good as human brain, the experiment to mix AI accelerator with biological neurons to develop diversity and independent thinking -Human brain, deep learning, AI, centralized intelligence

[bibliography for this section]

II.V Malfunctions -Experiment: Report on crushing systems, same defects as in older systems created by others, auto destruction, bugs in society -Outcome: failure in growing social systems, death and broke down of the artificial macro cosmos -Issues: what is the role of destruction, how is it related to creation and why is it necessary, the evolution continues with failures and achievements, unstoppable force of the universal evolution, eternal loop of amazement, exploration, creation and abandon

[bibliography for this section]

III. Conclusion The universe as a cybernetic system, it grows and learns from itself, the creation of artificial system will influence the future although it faded away, new systems growing, eternal cybernetic loop… +???