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What do you want to make?

My graduation year will focus about light, its perception in space, and movement; the relationship between shadow – light and how they create architectural spaces. Interested in subtle phenomenon, that we are not always conscious about it. What is the importance of the shadow? How do they change our perception in space?

This main subject I would like to break down into three ideas:

1. How could be sound visualised in a generative manner?

The framework of this idea would be focussing on creating a sound visualisation software (vj software) of generating 3D live visuals:
- projection mapping (resolume, touchdesigner)
- led mapping (mad mapper)

2. How would it be possible to create architectural spaces only with three main ingredients such as light, shadow and kinetic movements?

This idea would explore the creation of a custom made software and manifestation in form of an kinetic light installation.

3. What is the link between screen and space? Where are the boundaries? How to break out of the screen?

In this project I would like to investigate in the blurry lines of these phenomenons: When does the screen becomes a space or the other way around? The physical space needs to be redefined in the electronic era and therefor I am interested in philosophical ideas of hyperreality. This project would manifest itself in form of an screen-space dialogue installation.

All three include technology where I would program the software. Believing digital art installations tend to put tech at forefront but the concept should be primary, where the tech is the means rather than the end. In first year I was exploring different techniques and technology. My work is concept based and tech/medium follows. In second year my goal is to create a strong unity between concept, aesthetics and technology in my graduation project.

My end goal is to create an installation that acts an experience, (?) which changes the light and sound perception in humans. which perception ??? which space?

gallery festival v2 worm

How do you plan to make it?

My first goal is to investigate into literature research from different angles such as philosophy, psychology (perception of space, emotional response of light in humans), architecture, scenography, digital culture & aesthetics, etc. At the same time I would immediately start with small script snippets and hands-on research with coding and light. (software ?)

What is your timetable?

Research + Prototyping

Why do you want to make it / Relation to previous practice

My work has been shifting from graphic designer practice into a more motion designer, VJ and working with the dialogue of light and space strikes me the most at the moments. This medium would be the most complex but the most clarified as well.

Who can help you and how?

PZI staff
Children of the Light

Relation to a larger context

roiji ikeda
james turrel
joris strijbos

strp biennale
atonal berlin
mutek montreal
ctm festival
china light festival
ars electronica
sonic acts
live coding culture
algorithms from nature


Roberto Casati - Are Shadows Transparent? An Investigation on White, Shadows, and Transparency in Pictures
Junichiro Tanizaki-In Praise of Shadows (1977)