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✨ Topics/concepts I'm currently excited about ✨

research/experiments may be archived here/here

  • buttons
  • breadboards / PCBs
  • inputs and event triggers / GUI controls / conductivity
  • user-unfriendly interfaces and interactions ("usability" / "best practices")
  • interstices / transitions / keyframes
  • tool / instrument misuse
  • sound as spatial sensor / animation
  • noise / granular synthesis
  • esolang / steganography

Special Issue 16

Vernacular Language Processing


#for carrier-bag-of-notebooks (to be linked)

  • 21/09/21 XP4, 5, 6 + A House of Dust
  • 27/09/21 XP7 + NLTK1
  • 04/10/21 XP8 + NLTK2

Group exercises

#pad archive from class discussions (titles + descriptions renamed/worded/mixed for easy digestion)

  • 22/09/21 Emoji markup with Jian, Kamo, Erica––annotating a reader with emojis to indicate the beginning and endings of each person's side notes, questions, distractions, references, etc. Annotations became interruptions that were woven into the original reader and transformed it into reader 2.0.
  • 28/09/21 Text traverse + keyword geotag with Alex, Jian––selecting, combining, and rearranging texts from multiple readers to create a new one to perform with. Keyword repetition is used as a text navigation tool/method, so performance can vary (for example, start/stop reading at specific word).
  • 05/10/21 Spellcheck letter ghosting part of a group exercise with Chaeyoung, Miriam, Carmen––on (manual) slow processing a linguistic pattern
  • 05/10/21 Soupboat Spellbook with everyone––text processing with special customized commands/incantations for a collaborative spell book
  • 06/10/21 "A Mix of Sauces" / from pad to bubbles with Kamo, Alex––converting chaos to calm (but still fun and unexpected) in the form and flow of chat bubbles
  • 12/10/21 Multilingual Multitasking with Mitsa––transcribing while recording, listening, thinking, editing, then generating translations in two more languages

Further experiments

#on vernacular processing methods


#and/or reflections, side thoughts, curiosities, rabbit holes

Test kitchen

Digital breadboard

#idea crumbs