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03.06.20 bootleg library at meeting grounds documentation

/ b \ o / o \ t / l \ e / g \ l / i \ b / r \ a / r \ y /
		      \ a / t \
/ m \ e / e \ t / i \ n / g \ g / r \ o / u \ n / d \ s

the bootleg library

book sharing & annotation

ebook manager - you can download this, run it on your computer and share books over a local network using the content server function
web app that the bootleg library runs on (a fork of the open-source calibre software)

Annotation on the web - the holy grail with lots of projects:

also done very simply and effectively with genius:

pirate/shadow/"extra-legal" libraries

Library Genesis (collection is HUGE and mirrored) - i usually use the russian site

Memory of the World

aaaaarg (only accessible by members. simon can invite you - just send him an email)

ask for PDFs from people with institutional access
group for informal PDF sharing through a social network

Sci-Hub (this is mirrored too, try googling if the link is down):

kenneth goldsmith's baby - an archive of avant-garde cinema and writing

not an online pirate library, but a volunteer-run place in Rotterdam where you can borrow books, look up information, learn how to use LINUX, study or just read the newspaper. Books are not catalogued, and if you want to borrow one, just take it off the shelf and walk out with it :)

legal online libraries & archives

Project Gutenberg
books are within the public domain (70+ years after death of the author), so free of copyright restrictions:

The Internet Archive
hosts a collection of books and more, also has the wayback machine (snapshots of web pages going back to the 90s)

projects & open letters in support of and about piracy/peeracy

In solidarity with Library Genesis and Sci-Hub
an open letter calling for shadow librarians to come out of the shadows

Alexandra Elbakyan to Mr. Robert W. Sweet (presiding judge in the Elsevier vs Sci-Hub et al court case)

and publishing
	The Piracy Project

loose thoughts from our conversation

misspellings on ebay - how to exploit this to find undiscovered items
bootlegged DVDs and PS1 games - "chipping" to play bootlegged games
social capital accumulated from having a chipped console

The Pirate Book
historical stories of piracy - warez, demoscene, music etc:

selling unauthorised copies out of a car boot = "boot"legging?

why do we feel it's more threatening to pirate books than movies/music/games etc?
where does the text reside?
what if i read a book out loud and make a file on youtube - is it bootlegging?

can the library also have audio/visual media?
	yes - the library is running on open-source software, so definitely possible. this requires an upgrade of the computer and data storage
what is more of a risk - a shared google drive of PDFs or the bootleglib?
	a shared google drive is more risky - the bootleg library has several security measures in place to keep it private
will i get into trouble for using the bootleg library?
	haha - not very likely :)
can readers communicate with each other through the bootleglib?
	not directly, but possible by adding links to etherpads (like this one) in the description fields
some interesting things to watch & read on archives, libraries, piracy and activism

things to read:
	the science of piracy and the piracy of science by bodo balasz (an economist researching use of pirate libraries)
	Part 1:
	Part 2:

	a view from elsewhere on authorship, copyright and creativity by eva weinmayr (of and publishing and the piracy project)
	articles by shannon mattern on self-organised and "fugitive" libraries
	interview with kate eichhorn, author of the archival turn in feminism

things to watch:

	Digital Amnesia
	"Our memory is dissipating. Hard drives only last five years, a web page is forever changing and there’s no machine left that reads 15-year old floppy disks. Digital data is vulnerable. Yet entire libraries are shredded and lost to budget cuts, because we assume everything can be found online."

	The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz
	"The Internet's Own Boy depicts the life of American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and Internet activist Aaron Swartz. It features interviews with his family and friends as well as the internet luminaries who worked with him. The film tells his story up to his eventual suicide after a legal battle, and explores the questions of access to information and civil liberties that drove his work."

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard 
Polygondwanaland is free for everybody and you can do with what you.
From the band's post accompanying links to different digital packs: 
"This album is FREE. Free as in, free. Free to download and if you wish, free to make copies. 
Make tapes, make CD’s, make records. 
Ever wanted to start your own record label? GO for it! Employ your mates, press wax, pack boxes. We do not own this record. You do. Go forth, share, enjoy."

100 copies of the white album played at once

royalty-free audio

spotify scanning interface

sharpest knife ever made from {insert substance here}

Bootleg Britney / A bootleg CD bought at the market in Montenegro had 3 extra unpublished songs in comparison to the actual album on sale in the shops - what message was Britney sending me?!  i <3 this story