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  • Self Directed Research (website at the moment)
  • Making it public (epub, website, archive)
  • Post Pop Culture (event Arnhem) (graphic design, VJ, interaction design)
  • blablab (publication)

What specific tools, knowledge do you need to test out ideas related to your work? (link to projects if possible)


  • Javascript (for S-DR)
  • Learn Terminal better (for S-DR, Draw me a cloud, Making it Public)
  • Continue with Python


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino


  • Cinema4D
  • Modul8 and Resolume (for PPC)
  • 3D scanning / mapping / printing (for PPC)


  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • CMS systems
  • threejs
  • canvas
  • epub (for Making it Public)
  • Processing
  • MAX
  • Linux (somewhere in the future)

What specific examples (positive and negative) have you come across (again with links if possible)

Are there things you would like to accomplish for which you don't know what tools are available?

Not at the moment, but when I come across anything I'll ask.