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.Nan Wang, Trimester 1, 2012/2013.

Inner Noise


(The seminar on rhythm analysis)

Keywords: enclosure space, multiple-selves, repetition.

This work is about the noise of my own mental and status.I have been experiencing information overload, culture differences, language differences, and communication problems since I arrived in Netherland. After constantly living in a foreign environment for three months. My knowledge system was broken into pieces and being reconstruct again. When I left alone in an enclosure space I am not able to think or communicate to myself anymore. Those different cultures, different languages, different personalities acting like multiple-selves they fight against each other. I constantly heard the noise they have been making.

In this work, I shoot the video footage of myself standing in front of camera try to talk to myself in Mandarin Cantonese and English. Afterwards I compose those footage into one scene, and editing those different footage in different speed with certain repetition of some keywords. Those sound I recorded, those languages, monologues, not longer understandable. They become meaningless noises, a piece of music from the rhythm of my mental and psychological status.




Inner noise1.png

Inner noise2.png

Additional Information

VIDEO link: Vimeo