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.Nan Wang, Trimester 1, 2012/2013.

Drawing machine


This video is a result of cooperation between me and Michaela Lakova. Both of us found the behavior of bubbles fascinating.

Bubbles, A thin sphere of liquid enclosing air or another gas. They can exist as an individual sphere, also could construct a system together (foam) . When two bubbles meet, they will merge walls to minimize their surface area. If bubbles that are the same size meet, then the wall that separates them will be flat. Bubbles united in shape forming walls at an angle of 120°. If enough bubbles meet, the cells will form hexagon.

The nature of chains of bubbles.

The chain reaction of bubbles never a liner one. Simple material as bubbles behave much more complex than it looks. To adjust their shapes when they merge together. To change shapes when some of them disappear, Together they behaved as a complex network system. Serving one purpose ---minimize their surface area saving the energy in order to last longer .

As we entered the digital age. The connection between each unit, each individual, become much more stronger than before. We are somehow like bubbles sharing the same surface (same date, same feed) together. We provided data to others, we feed data from others. We changed and adapted when some new elements (technology, policy ...) appears or disappears. Together we built a complex, dynamic, modulated system. It is built by group consciousness, individual choices and behaviors, those are the variables forming the whole system.


>add smoke:

enclose, absorb the smoke

>add color:

draw a stroke

// fillStroke

> smoke + color.

We added conditions or different substances to the pure transparent bubbles to see what would it happen? How the chain behaves - autonomously or dependently?

We just observe and record and compares their behaviors in different condisions.






Additional Information

VIDEO link: Vimeo