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Pullswitch is a web-browsing based interactive work. It allows users|participants to create their own graphics by pulling a virtual switch shown in a webpage (or pulling a real switch). Each pulling action will be captured as digital data which are transformed to compose graphics in real time. Every user|participant can be a co-composer and make contribution to the whole graphics. The motivation behind this work is to explore the possibility of transforming simple repeating actions to readable graphics. This readability comes from not only the transcoding system but also the consciousness that the users acquired during interaction. Since the media technology becomes so dominated shaping our daily behaviours, can I also cultivate users within the work by this silly pulling action?

The Doors is a website platform, via which I can exchange photos of doors with tenants. It provides me a way to track how I communicate with the tenants without seeing each other. I plan to take photos of the doors that attract me from outside and upload them to the website together with the information of address and the time when I visit the door. At the same time, I will ask the tenant to upload their shoot of the door from inside by inserting a note under the door. The tenants can then respond this request by uploading their shoot to the website or just ignore it. The time when they upload the photo will be also viewed on the website.
The doors.jpg