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<!  !--- (Michael wrote this down)

Everything is an act.
All the world's a stage, all the men and women merely players

Behavioral patterns
Transformation of performers?
Trained movements
A leaving of the body,
Difference between your thinking and our actions.
You can choose how to act it out.
Thoses who are best able to choose how they act out, are successful as performers;
Beyonce installation,
suddenly you start moving
When something triggers you to start to act a certain way
Dance is the easiest way to find out what is happening
(You leave the body, but you find out about it)
Sense of losing yourself;
Do a week of following dancers
Point of total enlightenment?
Why do we watch movies all the time?
Dance is just a start.
> Observational

... Difference between perception of someone's actions and their
thoughts. Acting within a group and as an individual.

---!  !>

<!  !--- (Aymeric suggested these)

Kurzweil, (that in 30 years we'd all be posthuman)
Enlightenment, in dancing (also hindu)
Blue tit Syndrom
Philosophy of the Matrix

---!  !>

So I will take dance as a starting point. To follow them and see what happens when they "leave their biological selves". The transformative point from being fully aware and acting out the performance.

Assignments in two weeks for Aymeric are: Write a list of keywords, make a project survey, find related projects for artistic context and find inspirational material (i.e. paintings)