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Prototype Class

  1. Random definition generator
  2. Experimenting with patches
  3. Experimenting with NLTK
  4. Try out response to '?!'

Reading and Annotation Class

First annotation of text was with all the class: Group analysis of !? by Nina Power

Then we were split up in groups and I was with Kendal, Nami and Louisa. Together we were given 4 texts to annotate which were !?, Resurgence, Undecidability and Liquid and each one picked a text.

I picked !? which was the text we all first annotated as a class so I created a new one and cleaned up the things we had found as a class and made my own analysis ?!. Nami picked Undecidability, Louisa picked Resurgence & Kendal picked Liquid.

We annotated the new text together and analyzed and discussed them together and later started to individual analyze our own text with all the knowledge we gained in order to make our response our text.

Individual project

Indidvidual webpage abour ?!
  1. Process
  2. Print Result
  3. Web Result

Group project

  1. Wor(l)ds for the Future
  2. Mapping Keywords
  3. Overview of project
  4. Print production
  5. Copy Editing: Kendal and I copy edited the whole project