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Thesis statement

Human-interface relationships are constantly and swiftly evolving while they integrate in our lives more than ever. Simultaneously, the use of digital communication tools affects our interpersonal relationships as well. I’ll address the evolution of these two topics in parallel and in relation to each other, while referencing and basing on collected personal and collective experiences. This research will lead the exploration of communication interfaces and online behaviours that results from them.


I think the first chapter will be more informative and the other chapters/topics will be based on the documentation process I’ve been doing the past months: journal snippets, chat conversation and interviews, intertwined with academic texts, artworks, poetry, etc. that are supporting the topic with annotations and comments. A combination of personal experience and external sources.


1. Introduction - In the summer of 2020 I deleted facebook and instagram from my phone because I felt miserable every time I looked at them. This act sent me on the path of exploring our relationship with online communication platforms and the way we use them. The medium affects us emotionally, mentally and physically and we rarely take time to reflect. Now heavily used, online communication interfaces have a great impact on our relationship with others as well. I want to contribute to the conversation about our age digital space and the way we use it for online human-human / human- computer interaction. I would like to offer different perspectives and encourage a closer observation. As I establish a connection between the way we connect as human beings and the tools we use for that purpose (the way they are shaped, the struggles that they present, etc.), I want to explore storytelling methods in the digital space as a way of incorporating personal and collective online experiences.

2. The human component in our devices / interfaces

  • Key moment of human-computer interaction in history
  • Why do we develop a relationship with our devices?
  • What are the tools that are used for our engagement?
  • How can we be critical towards it?

3. Cyberspace vs. reality and online behaviour

  • How do we not lose ourselves in cyberspace? Or how do we encore ourselves to reality?
  • The development of online personalities
  • The way we interact through a screen

4. Storytelling in cyberspace

  • The narratives we find online
  • Art and creation
  • The use of communication platforms as a storytelling device

5. zoom in on the conference talk platform

  • Coronavirus’s rising star
  • How it affects us and what do we think about it
  • What assumptions about human communication are implicated in conference calls and chats? What influence does that have on the way we communicate through them? How can this be explored through narrative/performance/experience inside this medium?

6. Conclusion