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What do you want to write about ?

We interact with digital communication platforms and devices almost every day of our lives. These make us experience a range of behaviours and emotions. We mostly accept them the way they are without questioning or wondering why they look and feel the way they are. Im my work I would like to encourage reflection about communication interfaces and the way that we immerse ourselves in them, to the point that the line between cyberspace and reality becomes blurry.


I'm interested in the human components in our technology. I personally feel urgency in the subject of human-interface relationship, especially the ones that we use to communicate. I want to address a collective experience that is an ongoing process in our lives as technology becomes a bigger part in it. The conference talk medium is very interesting for me to explore as it has so many elements of communication. I think that for us to reflect on them, we need to approach them from different angles and question their the way we use them.


Last year I used a style of writing that was a combination of documentation, annotations, references and commentary. In a way it was a kind of a linear journal that described process, inspirations and personal opinions. Because a major part of my project derives from personal experiences I would like my writing to reflect that and contribute for solidarity among whoever reads it. Though I describe a personal aspect, my writing style is pretty pragmatic, something that I feel will contribute for a shared experience.

I'm not sure if I should address the wide subject or focus in the written part on the conference talk as well

I want the written thesis to complement my project, but should I write about the narrative/storytelling aspect or should it just support it?