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What do you want to write about ?

I want to explore the human component that exists in our devices and interfaces and through that explore the relationships we have with communication platforms and the way we use them. As technology integrated in our lives more and more we came to accept the tools that were given to us without questioning them. How did they formulate the way we use them for human communication and human-computer relationship. Furthermore, I want to research the fine-line between cyberspace and “the real world” and the use of computer generated environments for narrative and storytelling. We immerse ourselves in the digital environment and develop certain behaviours. The medium affects us emotionally, mentaly and physically and we rarely take time to reflect. I want to address these topics through personal experiences in our everyday life, especially during these times when online communication takes so much space in our lives.


I want to contribute to the conversation about our age digital space and the way we use it for online human-human / human computer interaction. I would like to offer different perspectives and encourage a closer observation of digital elements that were integrated in our lives easily over the years because of their availability and the needs that they service. I want to explore the boundaries of them and use them for other purposes such as storytelling. I feel these subjects are prominent at this moment in time and should be addressed because they are part of a collective experience.


Last year I used a style of writing that was a combination of documentation, annotations, references and commentary. In a way it was a kind of a linear journal that described process, inspirations and personal opinions. Because a major part of my project derives from personal experiences I would like my writing to reflect that and contribute for solidarity among whoever reads it. Though I describe a personal aspect, my writing style is pretty pragmatic, something that I feel will contribute for a shared experience.

Notes/ Feedback

  • Storytelling and communication platforms
  • What relationship do we have with communication platforms?
  • What assumptions about human communication are implicated in conference calls and chats? What influence does that have on the way we communicate through them? How can this be explored through narrative/performance/experience inside this medium?
  • 2 topics? relationship with device and online experience. How do they connect?
  • The fantasy of the intangible things that you can only access through a device
  • Fan fiction- imagining through digital connection
  • Intimacy- hide to be connected with someone else