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The web

The invention of the web Tim Berners-Lee - put these 3 protocols together 1990 - CERN (server) / ulr - http - hyper text transfer protocol - \ /

         html	- hyper text markup language


  • static files -
  • scripts - get program running on a server

url: protocol:// hostname path... (name=ip) ftp:// } i can acess files htttp:// \/ GET: /silvio/img.png (Onje can make a link w/out asking for permission: Hayles dream of freedom of information)

http - "pick up the phone, hang up the phone". very VS shh - long term connection - very intereactive protocol

//check the erro log of the server tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log


  1. ! /usr/bin/pyhton #tell it what will run the script

import cgitb cgitb.enable()

print "Content-type: text/html" # mime type

test it in command line : ./file.cgi

  • sshfs - mounts the server on my machine

import os print os.environ

for key in os.environ: print key, ":", os.environ[key], "

Ted Nelson - computer agitator - hyper text thought the web was missing: a link should be 2ways. if one is linked by some, a link in this linked person should also appear

telnet is the same as ssh, but not encripted