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Science/ religion => social systems with similar questions and similar answers (listing)

Turning on

1962 harvard group of psychedelic research, IFIF, castalia foundation, League fro spiritual discovery, comparing lsd experiences with experiences of saints

Good friday miracle, thesis of Walter Pahnke, psychedelic subjects

Psychedelic experience => collapse of external structures, the awakening of the senses is the most basic aspect,

LSD can produce a religious high- what is the religious experience- questions(interdisciplinary)

the only hope is dope

different states (listing)

7 dialects of god (listing)

we only see what we are trained and predisposed to see, we don't know anything about the physiology of consciousness (Hayles), psych. subjects report experiences revelations in the basic questions

Renaissance artists- love as a dove

divine product- divine process

Dr. James E. Lieberman, "Psychochemicals as waepons" 1962, he thinks of it as misleading, lysergic acid, meskaline, psilokybin, "catastrofik irreversible damage"

psychiatrists see psych, symptoms, depression anxiety etc while others see a path to sanity hapiness and peace. perhaps is what you are trained to look for. albert hoffman who first synthesized lsd and psilocybin, alan watts, william james

like any product of advanced technology psyc. drugs can be used to manipulate, frighten , or benefit mankind.

be prepared

the tension between the flowing process and the fixed structure, Let go, pull back!.

the intellectual ministry of defense

we need stability but expansion too

the nervous system can be changed, science is doing this

LSD is more frightening than the bomb

we are prisoners of the cognitive concepts and intellectual strategies that pass from generation to generation.the cognitive continuity of history

the danger of lsd is social political

the question of utility (what can we do with these speedy carriages?) and the question of control (who should be allowed to own and operate them?)

the automobile example

in totalitarian states the use of control and instruments of external freedom- the automobile- the private airplane, are reserved for the govermental burreaucracy and the prof. elite. even in democracies the traditional means for expanding consiousness, such as the printing press, radio transmiter, motion picture, are restricted by law and remain under govermental control

the political issue involves control. automobile means that the free citizen moves HISOWN car in external space. Licensing will be necessary. You must be trained to operate.