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"in the package distributed to interested participants, the Digital Village project (November 1st to December 22nd, 1995 at the Art Gallery, University of Maryland, College Park, MD ) is described as being available to a world wide virtual community. Participants, using a Web browser will be able to visit the gallery and experience the projects and events on line. The Digital Village site consists of a home page which links viewers to all aspects of the exhibition, from individual artists' projects to critical writing and biographical information. Some artists request direct participation through the use of artists pages. Artists pages are also linked to outside servers so that the exhibition is not exclusively located at a particular site. For web visitors a virtual walk-through of the exhibition is available.The Lost Dimension by Alan Dunning is a project in which viewers and participants are invited to write a description of any inanimate part of the city. According to Dunning, "Descriptions should not include references to human presence, but, should concentrate on providing as detailed an image of the structure of a city as is possible.. Your submissions will form the basis for translation into an interactive 3D walk-through of the city. Descriptions may be as long (pages) or as short (one line ) as you wish to make them. All descriptive passages submitted will be made available on line and will be active, fluid texts open to change. What you may read and write today may or may not be here tomorrow."