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The idea for the underground city project came to me during a conversation with my tutor, David. I began taking pictures of stickers throughout the city and found them to be incredibly fascinating. In my opinion, these stickers seemed to be taking over the city. David suggested that I follow these stickers to see where they would take me, and he sparked a new perspective in my mind: that the city's true identity lies underground, and that I could uncover it by tracking these stickers. Some of the stickers might lead me to amazing discoveries, while others may only reveal the surface level of the city.

Since this form of expression is a cultural phenomenon that people are still participating in, I wanted to learn more about it. My idea for this project is to create an exhibition featuring these pictures and tell the story behind each sticker. Additionally, I plan to make an NFT collection out of the pictures, and possibly create a digital map of these images and stories using Webflow. This would allow me to present the underground city to others as a new identity for the city of Rotterdam.

Stickers still1.jpgStickers still2.jpgStickers still3.jpgStickers still4.jpgStickers still5.jpgStickers still6.jpgStickers still7.jpgStickers still8.jpgStickers still9.jpgStickers still10.jpgStickers still11.jpgStickers still12.jpgStickers still13.jpg