Thinking while Moving while Thinking - Method

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I started to list and categorize my questions and variables to explore further (a gathering of topics and planning is being built - - - work in progress): by clicking here!

1. / 2. Composition

Q. What are the bridges to establish between physical and digital models of mobilizing language?

Q. Which possibilities of movement dynamics and spatial usage can be explored in graphic design? and how this elements set different rhythms in space?

Q. How to approach mobility/stability, and the tension in between? Maybe a sort of anti- performance? (negative of performance: play/pause).

Q. The question of composition (mapping/ placing) its relation to accessibility, and the legibility of the built environment.

3. Ephemerality: to enhance the performative qualities of being temporally present, spatially present: I now would like to continue to reflect upon the difference between discrete definition and one's actual perception of those same time values. In this way ephemerality becomes key, as well as its transformative effects that persist afterwards.

4. 'Improvisation

Q. The question of determinism / chance and randomness (to give room for the unexpected, where anything can potentially happen).

5. Participation

Q. The question of individual/collective experience.

Q. And the question of active/passive (modes-of-address-audience / participation-spectatorship-authorship / write-reader)