The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood

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McLuhan--food collector human to inf. collector



collaborative universe


ab as inf. technology, devices and media as knowledge transmission devices, oral culture, plato and writting, memory, disambiguation and wikipedia, borges TLON, w. GIbbson<3



history is the story of information becoming aware of itself

Hayles- systems from binary to complexity

Turing- pc---universe-collection of situations

Shanon and information Bush (Boole, Weyl) Turing: Shanon doesn’t want to feed the brain just with data but with cultural elements. He wants to play music to the brain Wiener

life is spreading through networking. The body as information processor DNA. Richard Dawkins (what is in the core of any living object is not an internal flame etc but information, words, commands The circle of information becomes the unit of life (Werner Loewenstein) Bit-immaterial, dual digit, yes or no . Scientists question if its ever more fundamental than matter. John Archibalad Wheeler: what we call reality occurs from the final analysis from wording of questions that can be answered by yes or no. Universe is participatory. Universe calculates its destiny Prometheus. Alphabet most important from his gifts


Electronic age, secondary orality

Plato and writing (this technology will bring oblivion in the souls of the ones who will learn it, sham of wisdom not wisdom)

Writing and memory

Aristotel, logic, categories (oral cultures , written cultures, Al. Romanovich Luria research on differences, example= oral culture people ignore categories that written culture know and accept like geometric shapes. They didn’t accept or know logical correlations

Written culture= the information lives inside the word. Classification, reference, definition Journey from things to words, from words to categories, from categories to metaphors and logic is complicated. As unnatural was to define the tree, it was more difficult to define the Word, + words like “definition” were always available due to the lack of their necessity for hundreds of years there appeared nothing of the wedge-shaped writinghat was poetry or literature

written culture and introspection and contemplation