Nude self-portraits

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This practice is shooting nude self-portraits and nude photography of myself and others on digital. It’s mostly in black and white, but i do color depending on what i want to express at the moment. The sexual parts of the body are hidden in the pictures, and the light is always natural light. I often use other elements that describe my personality; for example, i used my black huddy in the project's main picture to hint to the viewers that it’s me in the picture but also to hide my face. It describes the feelings and expressions that have been hidden for so long in the young woman’s life (me), and it tries to stimulate the curiosity in the audience. It is/has been a long-life project, so it doesn’t have a certain edition, and it is getting bigger every day. It started in my bedroom back when i was in my country and expanded to an actual project. It focuses on human gestures’ expression of feelings in different forms and shapes. The environment of the pictures is always my own safe place, whether it is my bedroom or my house, because i feel my true self in those places.

I am fascinated with how much you can express with body language, and for me, that is the same in nude photography. My body's abilities allow me to express whatever i’m feeling in shapes and forms. I started this first to stimulate my audience’s curiosity. I believe curiosity is a very strong feeling that makes everybody put the effort into everything. i always felt that i was unnormal and nobody could understand me.I wanted my audiences to spend the effort to understand my pictures and others who tried to understand me. Secondly, to try to tell a little bit of my story, which was hiding for so many years, in my photos. Expressing myself through the gestures of the body made me this way of communication with others. Capturing a very raw material without distractions in a very clever way that forces the audience to put effort into understanding it, is satisfying for me. Meanwhile, i wanted my pictures to look beautiful. I couldn’t understand how other artists found that hard line between being sexual and being sensual, and that was where my search around it began. Eventually, i learned how to do it in my pictures and make beautiful photos.

I mask the provocative parts of the human body to prevent making any sexual desire firstly. secondly, as mentioned before, to stimulate curiosity. Hiding the provocative parts helped me to cross out the sexuality and make sensuality instead. to make a beautiful picture. I try to raise other feelings by grabbing body parts or using other materials such as water. To test the medium of the body to the maximum of its capacity. Using natural light was forced on me because of my limitations, but i realized it makes a familiar environment for the voyeurs, so i continued using it. Then i complete the journey of feelings for my audiences with facial expressions, gaze in particular, to communicate more with them. Which i believe is a very strong tool. The result gives the chance to have so many feelings and have their own opinion on the pictures to the vouyers.

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