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Angeliki's writing practice

not used to being in an writing environment

she sees text as a space because of her background (architecture)

she starts with diagrams

she is not really good at writing concrete text

wrote her thesis as a inter text (people could read it differently)

she likes the idea of a concrete poetry (reference to text as space) language - portugues and greek writing and reading experiments how sounds sound as they speak finding cultural similarities

errors in the language she likes to discover

spatial and formal relationship to text

her difficulty to writing made her discover new things

design thesis text trying with flyers small texts with small meanings(?) collecting fragments she had a lack of publishing her texts

Zalan's writing practice

First experience in writing in English was at the 1st year of Design Academy

Writing differents texts, from haiku's to instructional texts

After that, felt that more educatiion in writing skills was missing.

Goal to explore that more within the course. Using academic writing and playing more with different layers, subtlties in the text.

"Getting inspired from my own text"

On text on the website (work in progress):

Home: description, about the designer and the vision. Short description of projects.

Text describes the content and helps the people to navigate.

Steve: "Besides the seminars there is also some time for individual tutoring. That is built into the program"

List freak..

Look forward to finidng his own method for writing.

Steve: "List writing is important in writing. We gonna work on that in the course next to other methods that are simple, but really useful"

Joca's writing practice

Long relationship with writing - creative - prose and poetry

Joined the school paper - first conscious way of publishing, combined with graphic design, reporting

Developed into a side job - blog, for one oft he biggest news websites in NL (didnt get the name)

Freedom vs structure, specific form

Rewriting articles for different media

BSc. in English, vs rest of the work in Dutch

Design and tech writing in English

Hopes to find a method to describe his own work - between technical and personal

Alice's writing practice

Background is in advertising; so she is trained specifically in copywriting, making short texts, concise sentences

Enjoys the challenge of finding the essence of an idea, expressing her thoughts in as simple words as possible

Often writes short personal essays, autobiographical writing (for fun, exercise and for her own zines)

food freak :)

She reads Vonnegut and loves food writing (essays on "apparently mundane topics like bread")

Steve: Michael Foucault , Michael George in fine arts (food writing) The subject and the object of investigation

Natasha's writing practice

Loves writing, began with prose in english, writing journals - goes through phases of writing journals

Writing is an extension of thinking and memory, helps come to realizations and self discoveries

Sees the world through language

Does a lot of editing within writing - mostly in professional work, used to work for a design blog, articles, and copyedits (e.g. What Design Can Do )

Experience as ocial media writer, live reporter

Enjoys formal writing

Elisa's writing practice

not much relationship with writing

Worked at the New York City Hall library --> copywriting process

writing in the goverment

censorship on the way to write---> they filtering the writing

making a lot of forms in installation work

when writing feel too exposed

designer--> enjoy typography but also how people use other language

Steve: what is the way to disrupt that, Paul Elliman > objective in typography ("mind the gap")