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Where to find stuff.

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  • Write down not only the English name of the material but also in other languages especially Dutch: A lot of times I did not even know which word I should search for. It would be super helpful for international students if we put English / Dutch / Korean / French / Thai / Spanish / etc.
  • maybe there might be a better way to organize this. By material maybe?
  • if there are some small tips add them to the bottom. (ex. Beamer / WDKA Rental Shop: Make sure you check a) at least 1 month ahead Especially during the exam period, you might not find the beamer. b) check regularly Sometimes students cancel at the last minute, so even if you fail to reserve the material, keep checking!)
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Lists of Material

Alphabetical order


In other lang.: 프로젝터
Where can you find/rent it:

  • WDKA Rental Shop Free / Not good quality though / Tips: make sure reserve it at least 2-3 weeks before
  • MTS Audiovisueel Not-Free / Super friendly and fast / Tips: Their website is not up to date. Just call them(075-6121385) and explain what you need. If you have a budget just deliver the projector rather than pick it up by yourself.


Carpet substitutes, Things you can use to cover the floor etc...

  • Gamma - you can find many floor carpet options
  • Leen Bakker
  • Second-hand stores


In other lang.: 펠트 (Korean), 부직포 (Korean), vilt (Dutch)

Flocking Fiber

I cannot find flocking fiber at the store. (Not in Harold, Van Beek and stores in Amsterdam as well) (plz if someone knows where to find it offline, fill it in.)

Some cool techinique

Flocking Foil

Heat Transfer Paper

in other lang:
you can use a heat press machine in the publication station, to create or transfer whatever image you chose onto the fabric/t-shirt.

Where to get it

  • Publication Station (you can print your image in A4 and A3. Then pay it directly there at the publication station.)

Tips or in this case, useful link


Black lights

UV Lights

Neon Lights


It's better not to use disposable items... but still if you wish to purchase... here are they!

  • amazing oriental
  • Hema (bit pricy)
  • jumbo
  • alber heijn (only paper cup)

Aluminum Foils

Paper Bags

It is so hard to find just a brown paper bag!

Paper Cups

Plastic Bottles


Printing Papers

In other lang.: 인쇄용 종이
Where can you find it:

(fedrigoni paper) This is one of the closest paper supplier to the Netherlands, a lot of print house in the Netherlands use their service. They deliver quite fast and (should) have the whole Fedrigoni catalogue, this can be found on their web, and u can always also request sample books online to see which paper to order (this does need some preparation).

cool paper

stone paper

Plexiglas / Acrylglass

In other lang.: 아크릴, acrílico

Where can you find/rent it:

Where to cut it

At Digital lab, Do not require booking, but it is quite busy on Friday and around final/assessment week. Prepare your file ahead. If you have questions go ask instructors. They are super friendly. Be careful if you are lasercutting plastic some of it is toxic! Plexiglas and acrylic are fine but PVC is bad. Just ask in the digital lab if you're not sure :)

PVC cloth / Oil Cloth / Tafelzeil

  • Gamma - they only have very thin ones, like 0.5mm or 1mm. Very affordable though. But if you need a lot of them, make sure you call them and check the stock.
  • Tuesday/Saturday Blaak market - Very affordable and so close to school.
  • Leen Bakker - I liked this semi-transparent frosty one. They have a more finished look than the transparent one.

Self-adhesive Velvet

in other lang. 벨벳 시트지, 접착부직포

Managed to find the maker/brand for this specific type of adhesive sheet but did not manage to find an offline store.

Self-adhesive Window foil

in other lang. : 안개시트지, 유리용 시트지, statische raamfolie
This foil is used to make your window opaque. Basically, you can adhere this foil to your glass to decorate or to have more privacy.

Where to get it

  • SoLow XXLstore
  • probably at praxis


  • check whether they are in stock via phone
  • In the image above, the max length is 450mm. You might find different and wider ones in different stores.


Where can you find it

  • Blak market: Tuesdays and Saturdays. Amazing Prices and good treasures.
  • westermarkt: In Amsterdam. There is a huge fabric and textile market on Monday morning from 8 to 12.30
  • The daily market "albert cuyp" in Amsterdam has a lot of textile shops
  • Scrap XL/ quite cheap, they also sell funky unusual textile materials

Thermal Glue / Bondaweb / Vliesofix

In other lang.: Vliesofix, 바이린, 다리미 양면 접착 시트

Vliesofix, also known as Bondaweb, is not a reinforcement as such, but it is the glue layer that allows two fabrics, or fabric and ( sew-in ) reinforcement to be attached to each other. Vliesofix is a so-called thermal glue, which adheres by ironing. [copy paste from this link]

Where can you find it

  • Fabric Station on 3rd Floor

Vinly/Self-Adhesive foil/

In other lang. 시트 컷팅, 시트지 컷팅

Where to get it

Harolds don't have all the stocks in the sample catalogues. Make sure you check it beforehand. It's 7.11 euros per meter.

  • order online
  • At WDKA Publication Station

Where to cut it

Tips: max. size: 550-570mm (width) and do not go over a 2m-long straight line. The plotter machine is unlike laser cut. It does not necessary plot a 90degree straight angle. For basic (Matte-white, Matte-black, and Gloss-black) vinyl foil, it's 3 euros per meter.

Tips for Using the Plotting Machine

  • make sure you go back and forth so that the roll/piece of your chosen material aligns nicely
  • regardless of the length of your material (vinyl) you need to -2.5 cm from each side. (in total 5cm)
  • make sure you set the origin
  • Also, if your chosen material is 1 meter, then chose the setting as 'the piece' not 'the roll'.


List of Shops

Academy sources

WDKA Rental Shop

for instance ...


Gerstaecker Harolds


All kinds of hardwares

Piekfijn / Het Goed (Local Shop)

Piekfijn (maybe now re-branded "Het Goed") is a 2nd hand shop located close to the WDKA. It's part of the city's recycling infrastructure.


Stuff for a hobby... (from jewerly making to baking) If you do not speak Dutch this website is almost impossible to search for what you want. If you want to know what they have see the gallery.


All kinds of hardwares

Varia pad with kringloopwinkels (second-hand shops)

Second-hand Shops

Scrap XL (Local Shop)

Schoterbosstraat 6c 3032 CN Rotterdam, Netherlands

Scrap carries lots of cast of materials, from raw to more readymade / packaged objects, often new, for bulk prices.



SCRAP sells industrial waste and residual materials to institutions, schools, artists and private individuals. In addition, SCRAP makes and builds set designs on commission. SCRAP is also the address for surprising workshops and company outings.

MTS Audiovisueel



Leen Bakker

Home Goods store, more like ready-made furniture, tiles, curtains, etc

Openluchtmarkt / The Tuesday Open air Market(Local Shop)

Each Tuesday, there's the open air market between the Markthal and the Public Library. In addition to food, there's a whole section of fabric + other supplies (by the library) and second hand and electronics (on the "far" side).

They not only sell fabrics but also other textile related materials.

Perspex- and Plastics A.C. Stout eg

You can find various kinds of plexiglass here

Lists of 000(We need a name)

Where to develop your film

Where to print

Like where to print 800 pages of post-it

Laser cutting paper

Here's some tests of laser cutting and etching paper to help with the settings: Lasercutting paper