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LB2 Graduates 2023 and V2_ + WORM

About the collaboration between LB2 graduates of 2023, V2_ and WORM.

Florian Weigl, curator: +31 6 29 29 1647


Phone: +31 10 206 7272

  • This page is an overview of the event and proposed planning.


  • Florian away from 22 May - 4 June
  • Monday 29: tech-riders and press texts, send to Florian
  • Mon- Tues: 12&13 - assessments
    week 25 /19 Mon - 22 Thursday tutorials with Florian, see calendar
    week 26
  • Mon 26: 11:00 Transport and build
  • Thursday: (Time to be announced) Opening
    week 27
  • Mon 3 July: 10:00 dismantle & transport to WH
  • Mon 3 July: 16:00 Grad ceremony in the WORM Central Station

Student assistants

Add here the names and contact details of two students who will be the liaison between LB2 and V2_/WORM.

Contact for Production (i.e. Wilco):
Garvan (+353838146123

Kotryna (+31646410229,

Curatorial Team:

Shannon (+1 240 753 4693,

Aitan ( / +31643516491)

Garvan (+353838146123

Graduates proposals

Pelle Nijburg
T: + 31 0631695975


Project title: Carnation

Logline: Carnation is a film about two men that find their way through a time-worn house like it’s nothing new, but while one of them tries to take care of the other, nothing is sure at the same time.

Artist Bio: Pelle Nijburg (1994, The Netherlands) is a filmmaker based in Utrecht. She likes to research modern phenomena and has a soft spot for archive material. Her working method could be described as a sort of sight seeking, it's a selfmade word that could be explained as: exploring by observing, making and reflecting. Her films are narratively based on true events, but she doubts the use of the word 'true', so it's rather narratively based on noteworthy happenings.



Shannon Liang
+1 240 753 4693

Project Title: The Sun Burns An Image Into My Eye

Logline: Shannon’s two channel video installation, The Sun Burns An Image Into My Eye, asks, are we permeable? Are the boundaries that separate us less clear than we think? Can we reach across distances, through what remains? The installation invites viewers to look over the 'table' and gaze out a 'window' to look closely at the transformative cycles meandering through mundane life—of baking, gardening, mushrooms decomposing dead animals, a leaky shower—to look for resonance, insight, and meaning.

Bio: Arising from a process of observation, daily documentation, and self archiving, and drawing on widely accessible mediums of phone photography and video, Shannon’s multidisciplinary practice focuses on mundanity and transience. Recent works apply a perspective of empathy and vulnerability within the interaction between humans and other living beings. Born in Baltimore and previously NY-based, she is a recent graduate of the Piet Zwart Institute: Lens-Based Media MFA program in Rotterdam.

The Sun Burns An Image Into My Eye - Install Test.jpg

The Sun Burns An Image Into My Eye Channel 2.pngThe Sun Burns An Image Into My Eye Channel 1 .pngDrawing of The Sun Burns An Image Into My Eye - Install .pngDetail of The Sun Burns An Image Into My Eye - Install Test.jpg

Aitan Ebrahimoff
Contact: / +31643516491 /

Project: Parasite by Proxy
Logline: Aitan's documentary Parasite by Proxy explores the Crypto Jews of Mashhad. Marginalised in Persia, some migrated to Palestine. Eventually they had a majority status as Jews - the guest became the host. The filmmaker integrates this inherited history and identity -victim/benefactor, host/parasite. You are invited to feed on the work in this two-channel film installation.
Artist Bio: Aitan Ebrahimoff (1991) is an artist filmmaker based in Amsterdam. His short films combine speculation, documentary and science fiction. With a media design practice he blurs the line between video art and cinema, building hybrid realities with human and non-human actors.
Research and writing are important tools in his process, whereby scripts are used to structure associative narrative elements. Whether factual or fantasy, his films blend genres and incoporate cultural observations which are rooted in reality.
Installation view:

Aitan Ebrahimoff Parasite by Proxy Installation View.png


Garvan Corr

Eir-PG invites you to peruse the visual machinations of an alternative Ireland . Indulge yourself in this mischievous one-man-show. Through an array of characters and doses of satire, Eir-PG questions the lore of nationhood and generational memory. Garvan interrogates and reincarnates tales of Irish Fauxe-Lore. 10-15 mins-multi screen/channel. Headphones. Looped/non linear

Bio: Garvan is a Rotterdam based artist from Dublin and his practice engages in hotography, video, drawing, sound and performance. Themes of absurdity, satire and irony arise within his work alongside a healthy dose of playfulness and curiosity.


Half Nelson.jpg


Kotryna B

Project description

If I was a Rocket (working title) is a non-linear film essay, merging multiple narratives which investigate personal memory, dreams and geological time. A sonic and visual dwell through memory-space and the mists of time reveals an intimate journey to the inner world of the mysterious narrator.

Kotryna Buruckaitė (b. 1992) - is a Lithuanian visual artist/filmmaker currently based in Amsterdam. In her work she investigates humans in (a)typical settings. Fascinated by the pleasure of observing others, Kotryna interrogates one’s interpersonal relationship with the world. With a touch of fiction and absurdity to it, she questions the world's given “set of rules“ and the irregular nature of the mind.


Screen Shot 2023-05-15 at 10.27.31 AM.pngScreen Shot 2023-05-15 at 10.23.42 AM.pngScreen Shot 2023-05-15 at 10.25.52 AM.png


Yuqing Cao

+31 0616064098

Project Title: One-bedroom-One, single channel, 16’45”

Logline: “One-Bedroom-One” is an experimental film combining narrative moving images with found footage. It unfolds from an orally-told experience: a young lady tried to find strangers to chat with on a dating app, in order to relieve her loneliness and emptiness. She stumbled upon a stranger with a strange nickname, who locked himself out of the flat, and was forced to pass the time in a nearby park. They each tried to enter this cyberspace to escape the emotional predicament of the moment.

Artist bio: Yuqing Cao (b.1998) works with images, videos and texts. She pays attention to the intimate relationship between people, constantly excavating the hidden reality in daily life, focusing on the narrative of individual experience, and using images to explore the implicit connection between social space and private emotions.


Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 12.42.01.png

Screenshot 2023-05-12 at 12.43.34.png


Marusa Vehovar


Title: Your Boris (single channel)

Logline: The single-channel video installationYour Boris delves into the life and accomplishments of my great-grandfather, the Slovenian sculptor Boris Kalin. Drawing upon archival materials, personal narratives, and visual representations, the installation reconstructs his intellectual contributions, artistic endeavors, and societal impact. By critically examining his work, both within and beyond the family sphere, Your Boris aims to provide a portrait of my great-grandfather, highlighting the profound influence he exerted on his contemporaries and subsequent generations.


Maruša Vehovar from Slovenia, born 1996, is a visual artist based in Rotterdam. She graduated at Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana. Her previous practice was centered on interior and exterior architectural photography. When she came to the Netherlands her interest expanded to experiments with installations and film media, exploring the process of external influences on self-development. Her work aims to communicate and awaken feeling through short surrealistic narratives. She is interested in creating spaces which often work as a performance or interactive involvement leaving each viewer with an experience of their own.

Sequence 03.00 00 37 16.Still002.jpg. Sequence 03.00 04 12 12.Still003.jpg

Sequence 03.00 09 05 15.Still004.jpg

Sequence 03.00 07 08 23.Still005.jpg


Luis Luján

Contact: +31616726695

Title: A tiny house in the Jungle


A tiny house in the Jungle is a short film in which you are invited to enter the 'Jungle' in Calais, as seen through the eyes of a volunteer.


Luis Luján, originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, possesses a background in Environmental Science and artistic education. His artistic practice centers around exploring themes of displacement, networks of humanitarian action, and community-based art.

Luis Lujan - Still.png


Melek Bahce

Contact: +31627967495

Title: Ethereal Echoes

Ethereal Echoes is a short film offering a mystical universe of entities. A mesmerizing odyssey turns into an otherworldly realm, where a mythological story unravels. Puppet characters thrive in their own existence, until a profound encounter with their reflections shatters the boundaries of time and forces them to confront mortality in a transformative odyssey.


Melek Bahce (b.1999)

Melek B. is a Cypriot filmmaker and visual artist, currently based in Rotterdam. She finished Film Directing and Writing at Warsaw Film school. Coming from a background in live-action fiction film directing, writing and acting, Melek Bahce's artistic practice now focuses on making films that explore ways of telling mythological and metaphysical stories through constructing miniature sets and creating puppet characters. She is interested in investigating anthropological questions through speculative fiction through world-building and puppetry animation.



Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 11.01.28-compressed.pdf
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Luca Ottmann / +49 15122592685 / .

Project: T R A V E L E R (working title)

There are moments in everyday life that get us to stop for a second and admire whatever caught our gaze. These moments are what can often keep me going through out stressful days, weeks and months. At some point though these small in between moments aren't enough anymore. I got to a point like that not to long ago and decided to embark on a journey, searching for an experience greater than these little moments, greater than myself, to experience what people call The Sublime.

With the objective off developing his own visual language within a moving-imagie-field, his Graduate Project "Quick Bites" acted as a creative playground for the creation of a collection of short sequences and films, with the final work in that collection being the short film T R A V E L E R (in progress)

Luca Ottmann is a German filmmaker and photographer based in Rotterdam. His background and prior study in editorial and documentary photography can be found in both his cinematographic work and creative process. Driven by a constant urge to document the world around him most of his work is based in real locations and comes with a certain avant-garde approach to it. (in progress)



LO ESCAPE STILLS 0206 1.10.1.jpg

LO ESCAPE STILLS 0206 1.11.1.jpg

LO ESCAPE STILLS 0206 1.14.1.jpg

LO ESCAPE STILLS 0206 1.19.1.jpg



Veere van Gent


t: +31615293315


The single channel work Silk Stone Stream shows a meandering exploration of grief.

Through collage-like still images we learn about a relationship between a grandfather and a granddaughter, and their connection to the piece of land they call home. A child-like story creates its own symbology.


Veere van Gent (1993)  is a multidisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam.  She has a background working in art departments for film and television. She is often inspired by the details of the natural world. Image is always at the start of her process, helping her understand connections otherwise hidden. She has made a deep dive into her family relations during her Master at the Piet Zwart Institute, exploring the myths and stories families are sustained in.

Schermafbeelding 2023-06-02 om 13.57.20.png


Mathilde Nai


t: +31623355449


An exploration of my Chinese/Surinamese heritage, identity and feelings of unbelonging.


My name is Mathilde (1995) and I am a photographer specialised in fashion and portraiture. I would describe my work as dreamy movie stills with an element of magical realism. I'm inspired by the magical mundane of Ghlibi movies as well as the dramatic Wong Kar Wai visuals. Lens Based Media was a great way for me to explore my creative mind and unlock mental blocks that I had unwittingly learned as well as diving into my family history.

Zaandam Nieuw.jpg

Exhibition Text

Title: 54 BPM

54 BPM, the rate your heart drops to when diving into water. 54 BPM brings together cinema, film, and video installation works by 12 lens-based artists. We invite you to dive deep into 12 personal narrative approaches. Take time to slow down. Sink into these sonic and visual encounters.

Verbs and Names

  • Aitan: conjuring
  • Veere: transforming / gathering
  • Kotryna: fluxing
  • shannon: permeating / preserving
  • Luis: volunteering
  • Garvan: performing / clowning
  • Melek: mythologising
  • Luca: widening
  • Maruša: sculpting / re-scultping
  • Pelle: Observing / Caring
  • Yuqing: Masking/ Isolating
  • Mathilde: Widening


For brainstorming exhibition text, title, and loglines


For Leslie and Simon

For Florian and Wilco

  • When can we visit the TENT basement to look at furniture
  • Wilco: The pictures on the website of MTS don't seem to work, so a couple of questions about the equipment. 1) Would it be possible to send us some images of the equipment? 2) What is the difference between 'spandoek' and 'frame'? 2) Is 'doorzichtscherm' the seethrough screen and the 'opzichtscherm' a one-sided screen? 3) How big is the vinyl screen? 4) Which ones have legs, and which ones should have a suspension system?
  • Does V2 cover the printing of the booklet costs and design

Helpful resources

Use the following as a reference when planning your proposal.

V2_ Floorplan
V2_ Floorplan
WORM UBIK Floorplan
WORM UBIK Floorplan
Technical Rider Template UBIK
Technical Rider Template UBIK