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// seeing is remembering

// seeing is forgetting?

// obsessed and forgetful

// archive, cinema, digital interfaces

// in the amber of the digital

// the ecology of the mind through... AI???

// of what is past, of what is to come

Virtual moments as memory (manifested with CGI)

Memory constructed from the digital screen

fleeting recollections and images preserved in the amber of the digital realm

Memory for the future

A comment on memory

Martha: What was the most vivid memory of him with the camera? Was it was pervasive?

Mother: Yeah it was always there. He took, you know, thousands of pictures every year and the ones that he made into the album were the best. But then, he took a lot, and you know, it was fairly expensive to get everything developed in the early days... and the film...but it was his hobby so he really put a lot of time and effort into it. I mean it wasn't as pervasive as iPhones now taking pictures.

Martha: I am sort of exploring if we can photograph every moment of our life. Is that in any way going to diminish our values of those memory and will it diminish our ability to remember? Because we are comfortable with the knowledge that we are just taking photos of everything that we don't really need to remember things?


Grandpa: The thing I find now, which is kind of interesting, is everybody has a camera. And the uniqueness of taking a photo of somebody and giving it to them is gone. Therefore I don't have very much interest in doing it. Now of course being here, there isn't a chance for wonderful vacation picture and all. Because I am right here and I forget. I mean I should have taken a picture of you, showing you are here, but I didn't. I forgot about it. So that troubles me a bit.

An illustration of memory - fiction and archive

Narrative game

Social memory in simulation

interview: https://www.moma.org/magazine/articles/40


event no.1

Place: Evermore

Time: one evening after April April

At rise: A film screen. Chairs. The room is in the back. The espresso machine is warmed up. Lights on photos and photos on walls. A synthesizer in front of a video loop. People stroll in.



- compose documents about scope, program, theme participants

- circulate, collective edit

- email to Lowik, check dates

- publicity



- collective: decision-making? who's responsible?

- reliability of artist and reliability of the venue

- communication with both parties

It's not very important to organize group shows at this point... This is a take-away. What is the point of group shows? Why do we need a platform? Platform for what?

A show of finished work assumes the organizer's role as the curator... When to have judgements on works?

When to establish roles and when to go with the flow?

"You did not come here to learn book-keeping."