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From MFAD Lens-based Student Handbook

You will be assessed according to your capacity to:

Study and work independently and self-critically. Identify relevant questions, ideas or issues for your research. Undertake research into these questions, ideas or issues through experimentation, test designs and production, the study of theoretical references and other relevant research methods. Exercise a challenging and innovative approach to ideas, technical processes and materials, including taking risks, and making constructive use of failure and mistakes.

Develop an imaginative body of work informed by and embodying your areas of research. Explore and utilize relevant working methods and techniques relevant to media design practices. Analyze, contextualize and discuss your work within a developing critical framework. Integrate specific discoveries and learning from the toolbox and thematic seminars that are relevant to your own research trajectory

Document work. (see notes on documentation in each assessment section) Relation with Final Competencies

To start with, we are looking to see substantial and clear progress towards developing and documenting a challenging and coherent body of work focused upon selected ideas or issues, while exploring and utilizing relevant working methods and technology. Thus, meeting the following final learning outcomes:

Creative ability (1) Capacity to conduct self-directed research (2) Research methodologies (3) It is also important to demonstrate an exploratory and innovative approach to ideas, processes and materials, allowing for speculation and opening new directions. And to realize your intentions and produce finished work. Thus moving towards the final competencies:

Technical fluency (4) Organisational skills (5) You are expected to demonstrate clarity of intention and direction both verbally and through practice. As you progress in your research you are required to undertake research and apply the knowledge gained to the enhancement of your practice, including exploring relevant modes of showing, demonstrating or disseminating your work. In this way satisfying the final competency:

Capacity for innovation (6) Finally, it is important to analyse, contextualize and discuss your work within a clearly motivated critical framework. In this way satisfying the final competencies:

Critical reflection and awareness of context (7) Communication skills (8)