Hybrid Ideologies

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which ideology do you choose?

- saturated media landscape.

- portray the rythm/ flow of information = amount + speed

Baudrillard: “The dialectic stage, the critical stage is empty. There is no more stage. There is no therapy of meaning or therapy through meaning: therapy itself is part of the generalized process of indifferentiation.... Implosion of meaning in the media. Implosion of the social in the masses. Infinite growth of the masses as a function of the acceleration of the system.”

Debord: “The whole life of those societies in which modern conditions of production prevail presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. All that once was directly lived has become mere representation.”

Baudrillard: “We are witnessing the end of perspectival and panoptic space..., and thus to the very abolition of the spectacular (...)It is no longer possible to fabricate the unreal from the real, the imaginary from the givens of the real. The process will, rather, be the opposite: it will be to put decentered situations, models of simulation in place and to contrive to give them the feeling of the real, of the banal, of lived experience, to reinvent the real as fiction, precisely because it has disappeared from our life”

(excerpts from Schuster: Avant-Garde at a Standstill - Open Letter 12:7)

Our images






  • Antman
    • ideology as commodity (Thomas)
    • exchange, consumerist society(Li)
    • saturated media landscape (Thomas)
    • circle of information, visualization
    • different view on ideology to understand contemporary politics
    • sense of humanity and betterment (Joana)
  • Joana
    • ideology grown out of outlook on the world - collection of impressions
    • career, profession: designer; professional ideology
    • guilt + discipline = ideology == satisfaction -- D: hypocrisy
    • solidarity vs hipocrisy, problematizing the relation
    • collectivity, relations between people, branding as positioning yourself
    • documentaries educate us in the flaws of western society

a link for all: https://www.david-campbell.org/topics/disruption-media-economy/

  • Li
    • groups re/presented by logo
    • ideology /=/ group
    • commodified profit-driven ideological development --> Market forces
    • ideology as us & them, access
  • Thomas
    • broadcast media create perception of world
    • branding in news
    • commodification in ideology
    • 'we are the world' - branding
    • underground/narrowcast-coverage: The Young Turks
    • outsourcing of journalism to freelancers
    • fear to sell product, news (?)
    • avoidance of complexity since 'fall of ideologies'


  • Skype conversation on the big screen in large space (Benjamin L)
  • Skype conversation showing screen in studio space (Joana)
  • Authoritarian "commands" for participants/viewers to do stuff; f.ex screenshot what they're doing on their screen
  • Instead of keeping skype surveillance in two rooms there will be multiple spaces of surveillance where multiple skype convos will be shown in each room, 'We Live in Public' (Thomas)
  • A chain of skype conversations, bathrooms, studios, large project space which leads back to the large project space (Tomas)
  • Final image grainy from being shown through several skype conversations

Steve's reference: http://www.beausievers.com/bhqfu/computer_art/readings/ryan-genealogy_of_video.pdf