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1.Ambitions for this trimester? Try to focus maximum on three things once, try to understand my way of being critical with others. Get out of my depressive mode. Finish my script about “Über” [please give detail, describe it what is it, how will it be made and why are you making it?]

2. Order in your life? Start the day fresh, at least try. I don’t like to separate my obligations, even if I have to act and behave totally different in several social circles. Take care of people I like to be the positive energy for others.

3. NOW? Tomorrow I have a benefit exhibition opening. “When the birds are flying out” The event was initiated by one of the companies I work with, after my house burnt down. I translated the experience into a new series of artworks. Photographs, two paintings and a video installation. [Please describe the works, what is their content?] The opening it’s an invitation for those people, -who supported me in this last four months- to see how I saw a small part of this unexpected and bizarre experience from my perspective. Today I have to finish the framing and fix some practical questions, as hanging system, transportation, PA for the musicians. [explain what the role of the musicians will be.] This exhibition surprisingly it’s still heavy for me emotionally, but I also feel the distance with the subject, I know it’ll be an awkward time tomorrow.

4,5. Choices---Work---Why? First time organized an expo with my photographs----I believe in the abstract view of mine. First time I sent one of my short video to be screened during IFFR-----[describe the film in a few words] I realized I don’t have to be shy about my dark side, I can share with people the beauty in my absurd thriller. Enjoy the way of my working process----- important to me how to work. Say silent “Fuck off” to people who are always just negative about my work-------- because I always wanted to please everyone’s taste. [so you are becoming more assertive about your position?]

6,7. Non-fiction recent reading/Describe it. Two days ago I read an article about Sēamus Hanley, Irish film director and his movie from 2016.[ I don't know him, what kind of films does he make? You mention a little later that they are utopian] The article it’s about his relationship with his study as a film maker and how he got support and distribution from Troma Pictures for his future film as a 28 years old director.

8. How does it relate to your own work? I was looking after movies related with Utopia/Dystopia and I found his movie “The Middle Finger”, about Dennis, a lonely and frustrated teenager, who transformed into a superhero, embedded with the symbol of a hand showing its middle finger, and must awkwardly endure his training and save his world from extinction in this superhero parody. The story and the movie itself has an obvious hint of utopistic perspective. Behind of that I found Hanley’s own utopia as a young director. [please unpack this, explain a little more]

9. Art radar Ryan, from the second year, he is following the lens-based media as well. Yesterday we spent few hours together and shared a loads of own works and inspirations. I was shocked that our taste, sense of humor and interest are so similar, even if we are working in different styles. His animations from more perspective are provocative in a subtle way and involving his technical knowledge about 3D software. He translates emotions into moving images, creates the awareness of responsibility.

10,11. Media consuming Watching, reading interviews about movie, music, art critics and about the artists itself, to understand how the creators are talking about their own works and how the public and the critic see that. [<please be specific] Also following few spiritual leaders to understand more about the different layers of brainwashing and dominant behavior.