Gun Violence example

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Taken from online comments:

What would you suggest Christopher Prott? And I don't mean this in a sarcastic or rude manner. I generally want to know what people think. I know that taking away guns will reduce mass shootings but then it leads to other acts of violence. Once again please don't read this comment as rude or sarcastic. I'm really interested in your opinion.

Carrying guns legally should be the order of the day everywhere....even in our Christian churches. Next issue.

MSM is literally radicalizing domestic terrorists. Complicit at the very least.

its not the guns, nope, never the guns. always a million reasons why its not the guns

because its not the gun that walked into that church it was the man, and i bet that he was a democrat to

Guns have not changed in function people have... statistically democrat people.

It would help if our media-Democrat complex would stop pushing the narrative that all conservatives are literally exactly the same as Nazi Mass murderers & therefore deserve to die.

Democrats really need to stop killing people!

i cant believe people are still making this a political democrat/republican argument. i just wonder how big a slaughter you would need to change the minds of a nation

I am not going to argue with you, if you cannot understand the logic.

What , so we regulate cars too. Guns are not the only weapons being used. Its America's moral system.

Yes total gun ban, that's the solution. Didn't this guy just prove that even people that aren't allowed to own a gun can still get 1? Cain killed Abel with a rock. Ban rocks, trucks, and knives too.

Let's ban Hollywood! This sounds and looks like he followed that movie, The Kingsman, awful movie.

BAN ANY DAMN WEAPONS IN USA! ENOUGH! And cowards too! Damn cowards for using that things! BAN GUNS IN USA NOW!

My deepest sympathy to the families and friends of all those affected by this terrible atrocity. Christopher Prott, you are so right in what you say. To the rest of the civilised world, America's attitude to gun control is incomprehensible. Mass shootings will just go on and on, it's incredible to think that the US government will never take any action to try to prevent them.

I'm sorry but my ar doesnt run out and kill people because its a piece of machine someone has to control it just like a rented truck

he a hater.a murderer .a terrorist