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Kill All  Normies


Florian Cramer + Angela Nagle 


→ the thinking and beliefs of the online anti-feminist, anti- mainstream, self titled as "transgressive", racist, nihilistic groups [incels, alt-right, alt-light, etc.] have influenced some of their members to put into action some of the ideas they propagate [such as: women as whores, feminism destroying the evolution of society, women as inferior beings, women deserve to be raped, etc.] This lead to numerous cases of violence against women, bullying, stalking, threats as well as severe acts of violence where women have been shot or killed.

→ alt-right + Trump = <3

→ Tumblr vs. 4Chan

→ transgression as the driving force of the alt-right

→ Nagle argues that the anger and hatred of the alt-right, anti-PC groups on the Internet was also fueled by the ridiculous, irrational and emotionally driven reactions and attitudes of the new left.

→ Tumblr, in its hey days used to be the "feminized" space, where vulnerability, mental illness, weakness and suffering could be openly accepted and discussed and embraced. Tumblr was associated with SJW (social justice warriors, snowflakes and Tumblr-liberalism). Much of the feminist thinking behind Tumblr was influenced by Judith Butler.

→ the Tumblr-liberals might be just as obnoxious as the alt-right

→ normies are to "be killed" because they are not part of a counterculture and for the alt-right they represent the weak males, the women, the basic people, the mainstream or anyone who does not relate to their beliefs.

→ most members of the alt-right believe that women are sexual objects and inferior beings, while some groups think try to live as if women did not exist at all.

→ the online presence of platforms like 4Chan and figures such as Milo Yannilopolus has massively influenced the election of Donald Trump

→ there is a was online, between the right and the left, seen in articles, videos, social media comments and so on, but this war seems to move into real life



→ virtue signaling

→ slacktivism

→ cyberutopianism

→ gamersgate

→ subculture/counterculture/mainstream

→ liberal left / materialist left

→ <""


“While taboo and anti-moral ideologies festered in the dark corners of the anonymous Internet, the de-anonymized social media platforms, where most young people now develop their political ideas for the first time, became a panopticon, in which the many lived in fear of observation from the eagle eye of an offended organizer of public shaming.”

“These obscure online political beginnings became formative for a whole generation, and impacted mainstream sensibilities and even language.”

“The hyperbole and hubris of the moment should have been enough to make anyone skeptical, but most on the left were swept up in the excitement as images of vast crowds in public squares appeared on social media and then in the mainstream media.”

“Heather Brooke’s paean The Revolution Will be Digitized: Dispatches from the information war she claimed, ‘Technology is breaking down traditional social barriers of status, class, power, wealth and geography, replacing them with an ethos of collaboration and transparency.’ "

“In its strictest definition though, as an army of Internet pedants quickly pointed out, the alt-right term was used in its own online circles to include only a new wave of overtly white segregationist and white nationalist movements and subcultures, typified by spokespeople like Richard Spencer, who has called for a US white ethno-state and a pan-national white Empire modeled on some approximation of the Roman Empire. The movement’s media also includes Scottish video blogger Millennial Woes, Red Ice, sites like Radix and the long-form and book publishers Counter Currents.”

“The alt-right is, to varying degrees, preoccupied with IQ, European demographic and civilizational decline, cultural decadence, cultural Marxism, anti-egalitarianism and Islamification but most importantly, as the name suggests, with creating an alternative to the right-wing conservative establishment, who they dismiss as ‘cuckservatives’ for their soft Christian passivity and for metaphorically cuckholding their womenfolk/nation/race to the non-white foreign invader.”

“This culture of anonymity fostered an environment where the users went to air their darkest thoughts. Weird pornography, in-jokes, nerdish argot, gory images, suicidal, murderous and incestuous thoughts, racism and misogyny were characteristic of the environment created by this strange virtual experiment, but it was mostly funny memes.”


On the Marquis de Sade analogy:

“ In The Politics and Poetics of Transgression, Stallybrass and White considered the carnivalesque to be a form of radical transgression against hierarchy and hegemony: ‘The grotesque tends to operate as a critique of a dominant ideology which has already set the terms designating what is high and what is low.’ This is very much how 4chan has long self-described and how it was described by its early ‘progressive’ boosters, except that the dominant ideology in the time of 4chan has been cultural liberalism, and the ‘low’ therefore meant un-PC poor taste, rudeness, shock, offence and trolling. ”

“The founding desire behind Sadeian fantasy is the active negation of the mother. The Sadeian hero’s anti-naturalism goes hand in hand with his hatred of mothers, identified as the “natural” source of life.”


“Belgian far-right anti-immigration party Vlaams Blok leader Filip Dewinter put it like this: ‘the ideological majority is more important than the parliamentary majority.”

“Recent online culture wars have reopened many fault lines within the right as well as the left. Anti-Trump conservatives of today are deemed ‘cuckservatives’ by the alt-right, the passive cuckolding husband to the rapacious non-white foreign enemy at the gates.”

“The rise of Milo, Trump and the alt-right are not evidence of the return of the conservatism, but instead of the absolute hegemony of the culture of non-conformism, self-expression, transgression and irreverence for its own sake – an aesthetic that suits those who believe in nothing but the liberation of the individual and the id, whether they’re on the left or the right. The principle-free idea of counterculture did not go away; it has just become the style of the new right.”

“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman,’ wrote French feminist and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir in 1949. By 1990, Judith Butler had taken this several steps further, or perhaps more literally, in Gender Trouble: Feminism and the subversion of identity, in which she argued that the coherence of the categories of sex, gender and sexuality were entirely culturally constructed through the repetition of styled and cultivated bodily acts, which created the appearance of an essential ontological ‘core’ gender.”

“Professor Adolph Reed Jr. has often said liberals don’t believe in actual politics any more, just ‘bearing witness to suffering’. The cult of suffering, weakness and vulnerability has become central to contemporary liberal identity politics, as it is enacted in spaces like Tumblr. It is also common in communities with a strong focus on gender fluidity to openly identify themselves as having disabilities and mental health issues that make them, by their own admission, extremely vulnerable and suffering. Some of the disabilities they describe can often be either psychological in origin or are unrecognized by modern medicine. One example of this is found in the ‘spoonies’ identity – an identification and online subculture in which members, typically young women, get spoon jewelry, spoon tattoos and put ‘spoonie’ in their social media biographies to signal their belonging.”

“Self-flagellation also became a core characteristic of the new identity politics, especially among white, male, heterosexual, cis or able-bodied members of the subcultures, who were happy to ‘check their privilege’ – a phrase that became so central to Tumblr-liberal culture that is was often parodied by the right. As this privilege-checking culture made its way into mainstream discourse, anti-gamergate columnist Arthur Chu tweeted: ‘As a dude who cares about feminism sometimes I want to join all men arm-in-arm & then run off a cliff and drag the whole gender into the sea.’ On the morning following the election of Donald Trump, columnist Laurie Penny tweeted: ‘I’ve had white liberal guilt before. Today is the first time I’ve actually been truly horrified and ashamed to be white.”

“When we’ve reached a point where the idea of being edgy/countercultural/transgressive can place fascists in a position of moral superiority to regular people, we may seriously want to rethink the value of these stale and outworn countercultural ideals.”



“Conformity in this imaginary is feminine and rebellion is masculine.”



“Huyssen saw the Other of this period as woman. In the era of the first major women’s movement, he argued, the enemies at the gate of a male-dominated elite were female: It is indeed striking to observe how the political, psychological, and aesthetic discourse around the turn of the century consistently and obsessively genders mass culture and the masses as feminine, while high culture, whether traditional or modern, clearly remains the privileged realm of male activities.”

“But now that the online world has given us a glimpse into the inner lives of others, one of the surprising revelations is that it is the nerdish self-identifying nice guy who could never get the girl who has been exposed as the much more hate-filled, racist, misogynist who is insanely jealous of the happiness of others. ”

“There is no question but that the embarrassing and toxic online politics represented by this version of the left, which has been so destructive and inhumane, has made the left a laughing stock for a whole new generation. Years of online hate campaigns, purges and smear campaigns against others – including and especially dissident or independent-minded leftists – has caused untold damage. This anti-free speech, anti-free thought, anti-intellectual online movement, which has substituted politics with neuroses, can’t be separated from the real-life scenes millions saw online of college campuses, in which to be on the right was made something exciting, fun and courageous for the first time since… well, possibly ever. When Milo challenged his protesters to argue with him countless times on his tour, he knew that they not only wouldn’t, but also that they couldn’t. They come from an utterly intellectually shut-down world of Tumblr and trigger warnings, and the purging of dissent in which they have only learned to recite jargon.”