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* travelling home (working title)
* travelling home (working title)
*I dream of returning home. Dreams do not come true; instead, truth from dreams become reality. One permeates, shapes, takes over another. Perhaps home is in me all along.
*I dream of returning home.



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draft text for EYE

(copied from Elysa's wiki)

We are living in anxious times. According to Mayan culture, the world should have ended in 2012 and what we have been living in since has just been a strange shadow of the reality that once was. Some say we experience reality as a mere simulation, a world where our experiences have no referents, others say it’s late-stage capitalism and global warming that have created these feelings of anxiety throughout the globe. But are we part of a collective or do we all have a separate understanding of What Is (Not)?

Twenty artists from the Piet Zwart Institute each have their dialogue with reality. The real is not necessarily what you think it is. The nature of (un-)reality is unstable, transformative, absurd, invisible, and unreliable. 
In this one hour program, the Piet Zwart Institute artists present their moving image pieces that relate to that What Is (Not) and will open your eyes to the illusions of reality.


Post here BEFORE NOV 30

  • your name
  • project working title*
  • description of your project
  • keywords from relevant research and images from your project

(This helps tailor the text for the EYE!)

Muxingye Chen:

  • Louder Louder
  • experimental audio reative animation
  • "Paradox" "sub-consciousness" "self- conversation" "structures" "body" "movement"


  • Untitled
  • Experimental nature documentary
  • Broken screens, LED, Nature, Surfaces, Mirrors, Liquids, Fluids, Artificial, Zoo, Fishs


  • No title yet
  • Two friends hanging out with a night vision cam.
  • Sentence from thesis research: A gaze that is not a look, but a stare. A gaze that is not only observing but invading.



  • internal reflection (working title only)
  • abstract experimental film

©SoniaM Snapshot2.jpg


  • NOW- A movie last forever
  • A film projection installation that combines real-time webcam footage. A real-time film projection with the synthesis of the found footage on the global open network of webcams and instantaneous footage was taken by situ camera. This project aims to discourse the concept of time in a film. By introducing the idea of a real-time movie, the audiences could immerse themselves in a screening experience that subverting the traditional concept of time in a film. Can a movie present now? The time of the thing to be photographed, the act of filming and some storylines(except for futuristic films) in a majority of movies was past tense. For instance, the story became past fragments after the shooting, postproduction, and screening. I would like to dislocate the concept of time in a movie, merging the multi-location footage into one screen to shift the timeline of film production and storyline into the present. In this sense, the movie here is not served as a recorder but a medium projects the present.
  • A real-time movie / It is not a video recording but a projection of present? / Now /


  • travelling home (working title)
  • I dream of returning home.



  • Dense
  • An honest portrayal of my struggle with the acceptance of my own body, with uncomfortable self-portraits
  • Society has a negative view of the thicker body
  • (I can't upload a file/photo, it doesn't work..)


  • Routine (working title)
  • An everyday routine of face-making
  • This everyday routine is not automatic or easy. Very often this repetition is oppressive and painful gender norms.


  • Domani ti dimenticherò meglio (Tomorrow I will forget you better) (working title)
  • A virtual walk by the coast of memories through Google Earth (description)
  • Memory, virtual, poetry (keywords)

Annalisa EYE1.png Annalisa EYE2.png

Mia Paller

  • Deliquescing (working title)
  • Description: A short black and white moving image piece about abstracted landscape/cityscape. The work is composed of still images (photographs), employing digital image manipulation to form the in-betweens and the illusion of movement. The film deals with the reality of photographic medium in relation to gestural mark-making through the transformation of landscape.
  • Keywords from research:

Blot technique (Alexander Cozens: blot landscape drawings; late 18th century painter who used blotting technique - splattering ink on paper - to create abstracted landscapes to liberate the imagination. Blot was a 'production of chance, /…/ an assemblage of accidental shapes'. The drawings consist of 'forms without lines from which ideas are presented to the mind'.)

Deliquescing (verb):

1. to become liquid by absorbing moisture from the air, as certain salts

2. to melt away

3. Botany. to form many small divisions or branches

5 7focal may19005.jpg7 7focal may19007.jpg

Ana Brumat

  • Massa Confusa or Seeds of Anaxagoras or Homeomeria
  • Massa Confusa is a disordered mass of corpuscles from which, as a result of divisions and junctions, the prime matter was formed. It fulfills an infinite space, pre-existing to the creation of the universe. If organized in a homogene order by a form of intelligence, disarrayed particles start to formulate various types of morphing structures like mass and bodies. The alteration process draws entities in shape of amorphous figures, operating coded data from fragmented arcane sources.
  • Anaxagoras, Homeomeria, artificial evolution, cybernetic genesis, metaevolution (applying concepts of evolution to non-living systems), applying evolutionary concepts to individual learning and personal development, alteration of beliefs, fluidity of definitions, exploration of alternatives through mutation, mind recombination, natural selection, competition in the evolution, chaos and unpredictability of the evolution, , shapeshifting, mind and matter evolution/adaptation, cybernetics, fragmentation of linear timeline, environmental change and adaptation, chaotic evolution, mechanisms of evolution, adaptationism, micro/macroevolution,

Cem Altınöz

  • mystic screening pad (working title)
  • Description: a haptic film about the nature of the image and ways of imagemaking
  • Keywords from research: analog photography, digital technologies, screens and images

Fileona Dkhar

  • conversations with my father (working title)
  • tracing scars together, as my father's memory disintegrates with senility
  • keywords: flashbacks, recessive memory, thematic interpolations.


on a small island, in a big island (working title)

  • states of being
  • monologue (?)
  • experimenting with text and film



  • Caught (working title)
  • Searching for the perfect outdoor scene for the experimental movie I accidentally turned on my camera´s recording button. Later on, while checking what have been recorded over the day, the footage that was taken unintentionally horrified me when looking at my own shadow and listening to my own breathing...
  • Uncanny, unfamiliar, unhomely, self-recognition, subject(ivity), (un)concious...



  • Climate Change (only working title)
  • In the times we are living today, the global warming is affection our whole species and inhabitants of the planet earth. The first big forest burn in Germany because of the global warming has taken place during the summer of 2018. Nearly 400 hector like 90% percent of the forest is gone. What is the feeling, to be on a place which is affected by the climate change?
  • Climate Change, Global warming, nature, forest, burn




THY: 3




ANH: 3

UGO: 2 1/2


SONIA: 3:23

JUE: 1'15

FIL: 1 1/2

LEA: 2





MARIEKE: 2 1/2


CEM: 3