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A group of four individuals have a ‘live debate’ set up as a traditional/political debate. Their words are taken directly from online debates. The viewer sees a group of four well-dressed individuals standing in front of a black screen, each behind a podium.

• What is the archetypal structure of online debates? i.e. main structural points
• does each individual personify a particular rhetoric style or personality style that emerges online? i.e. the intellectual vs the troll Alternatively, characters are interchangeable – people wearing different masks online
• to what extent is the debate coferent?
• What you write about is the gap between the triangulated points
• What we remember – obscene, vivid = find that point
• what is the tone? Progress from banal to serious?

-non sequitors
-absurd strawman
-sweeping statements
-Voice of reason is pedantic and always drowned out
-godwin’s law

-Bracketed phrases
-run-on sentences
-CAPS – yelling
-words drawn ouuuut
-colloquial pretention
emojis – bring it out – could lead to something very surreal

-chicken vs egg
-TV shows/film i.e. harry potter vs LOTR
-vaccination/holistic medicine
-gun control
-climate change
-cultural appropriation

don’t ignore the context of online
– i.e. the silent majority watching entertained
- interaction of people that would never normally interact
-wide location of speakers (maybe actors are in different locations)
play with different registers\bring out the uncanny\
-guy citing facts – present it as government film i.e. how person means to present it
-then you have 14-year-old girl yelling at the docs from her bedroom
-then the spammer redirects you to an unrelated site
-investing the sign with meaning (in reference to avatars, online personalities)
-purest manifestation of the mass (Baudrillard)
-the translation of personality as spectacle
need topics to ground it - prevent questioning of topic
build mind of the character to be able to write a script
physical displacement in real time
Tino Seghal – performers speak to audience