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Aviation is the same as seafaring, it’s the science of getting lost

Italian is a pretty sad case

Greece and Cyprus are all a lie

Let us smash some straight assholes

The isolation module has an air of sadness

Wait a second, because I lose you all the time

It is impossible to separate the software from the human

Many things disappear in the sea

The sirens are taken for wonders

“Who is doing the talking?,” he asks—“At least two voices”

The cat is too clean to want to be human.

Charge the space with your own memory

But is it Heaven or Las Vegas?

Listen carefully for the voices inside the code and the voices inside your mind

Everyday I’m so eager to see that red-haired girl on the monitor

Shame on the worker shame on the slave

The archive protects the software analyst

The map is not the territory

Where do I feel at home?