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=Meeting Link will be posted here=

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LB2 + LB1 - Dodie Bellamy - GUEST LECTURE, 8pm ONLINE

On Dodie

An essayist, poet, and novelist whose genre-bending work addresses feminism, sexuality, and queerness, Dodie Bellamy is a fundamental and active member of San Francisco’s literary avant-garde. Bellamy is one of the originators in the New Narrative literary movement of the early and mid-1980s, which attempts to use the tools of experimental fiction and critical theory and apply them to narrative storytelling. She currently teaches creative writing.

Reading recommendations: When the sick rule the world (2015), Bee Reaved (2021), Academonia (2006).


More resources here:

You can listen to this lovely podcast where she reads and comments on one of her pieces: https://anchor.fm/podcast-perdu/episodes/Time-Lost-Dodie-Bellamy-e16rufj



Barf-manifesto 72dpi.jpg

Meeting Link will be posted here