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LB2: Trim 5 - progress evaluation with Simon Pummell, Ine Lamers, Javi Lloret and David Haines [schedule to come]

Archiving your work: Thrusday, 21st MAY -- DEADLINE TO UPLOAD MATERIAL FOR TRIMESTER 5 Evaluation

  • We will ask all students to submit a research report of 1500 words with a folder of supporting images (moving and still) including documentation of any physical objects made. Students are encouraged to discuss future plans and create detailed scenarios where is not possible to execute their planned work currently due to the social distancing regime in place in the NL.

  • Assessment Format

ZOOM INVITATION TO FOLLOW After discussion we have decided to bring the exam panel together for a series of ZOOM panels with each of you, as this gets closest to the experience of assessment panel we normally follow in the 'off-line' world. The format will be a simplified: a 30-minute discussion between the panel and each of you via ZOOM. These abbreviated meetings allow time for tutors to meet via ZOOM and discuss everyone's progress and challenges after the individual ZOOM sessions.