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XPUB1: ONLINE: bootleg library workshop with Simon Browne and Angeliki Diakrousi 14:00 - 16:00 (please sign up for this session OR the other on 29/10/20).

A “bootlegger” concealing a flask of an illegally distributed alcoholic beverage in the leg of a boot during the Prohibition era

bootleg library session: check in, check out

The bootleg library is a digital/physical/social collection of unauthorised republished texts. It was initiated by Simon Browne as his graduation project at XPUB in 2020. The digital bootleg library is now available to XPUB staff and students as a stable study resource. To familiarise staff and students with the digital bootleg library, several bootleg library sessions have been organised. XPUB1 students are invited to attend one of these sessions (please sign up by writing your names at the bottom of this page).

In this session we will:

  • have a quick tour of the digital bootleg library
  • upload and download texts and edit metadata
  • create registered user accounts
  • make and edit a "shelf"
  • annotate the collection, using this workflow

Preparation (please do this prior to the session):

  1. Install pandoc, an open-source universal document converter:
  2. We'll also be using markdown, a lightweight markup language. Briefly familiarise yourself with it via this cheatsheet (full documentation is available here)
  3. Choose a PDF to upload, a text that you are familiar with and that you feel represents your interests. It doesn't have to be an academic text, anything is accepted (e.g cookbook, comic, novel, zine, ferry schedule, etc)

Time: 14:00-16:00

Location (works best on Chrome/Chromium):

More about the bootleg library graduation project: User:Simon/Summary_of_the_bootleg_library

A practical HOWTO page for the digital bootleg library on the PZI mediadesign wiki: The_bootleg_library

Please sign up to this session by writing your names below (max 5 students per session):

1. Kendal

2. Clara

3. Jacopo