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LB2 equipment list plus:

The WDKA has asked me to compile a list of - where you are, and if not in Rotterdam if the school open up in June when would you come back? - if you would like to work in the XPUB studio - and which stations would you like to use

Ana: I am in Slovenia, planning to come back in the beginning of June. I will need Canon 4K, Zoom H6 and a small tripod from the rental. (Same as Jue, I would like to know if it is possible to get an iMac). I don't have to pick up anything from the studio.

Andreas: I am in Rotterdam. I would need an LED Lightingset, a tripod and a XC15

Cem: I’m currently in Rotterdam. I’ll need a Ricoh Theta and a photo tripod from the rental, and would like to access studio to take some of my belongings.

Felix: I need to pick up stuff from the studio and from the rental a Kinect (if they have it), raspberry pi and ricoh theta.

Jue: I'm in Rotterdam. I would appreciate having the following from the rental: 1) Zoom H6 recorder 2) Canon 5D 3) Photo tripod. From the studio, I would like to have the MAC if at all possible. If not, can I check out an iMAC from rental so that I can edit my film? (PS. I'd also like to visit my plants. They need human care!)

Katia: I don't need anything at the moment.

Marieke: I don’t need anything from the rental. Stations I would like to use: Interaction and Image & Sound. I would like to work in the XPUB studio.

Mia: In Slovenia until at least June 1st (depending on WdKA closure). No need of rental equipment. Could ask someone to pick sth up from the studio.

Sonia: No rental needs. In Amsterdam. Image & Sound station mainly.

Susanna: I'm in Italy, don't know when I'll be allowed/able to come back to Rotterdam. I'm not able to use anything from rental.

Ugo: In Rotterdam, and present as soon the school reopen. Desperately in need of digital storage SSD/HDD, I do have one (PZI property) connected in the studio that I wish to pick up/unlock. A very powerful computer (New PC and New iMac Pro in Interaction station) for processing my film.

1st years

  • Muxingye Chen:
  • Yu-ching:
  • Anh: I am in Rotterdam. I would like to use the LB studio, Darkroom, Publication Station, Printing Station, the Hollander in Textiles Station, and the drawing laser printer in Drawing Station. I would also like to rent a tripod.
  • Fileona: In Netherlands and able to come to school if/when it opens. Desperate for studio space, it is proving impossible to work from home, computer running at capacity.
  • Jelle: In Amsterdam, able to come to WDKA. Would love to use printing facilities and the book making machine.
  • Kamali: In Rotterdam. Would like to use the print station / dark room.
  • Elysa:
  • Jacob: In Rotterdam, able to come to school. Internet and computer running at capacity (and not very well), also has been incredibly costly to scan/edit film due to lack of equipment. Would be great to have access to a tripod and a cable release if possible.
  • Thy: I'm in Rotterdam. I'm able to come to school. I would like to use image and sound station (AV studio specifically).
  • Lea: I´m in Rotterdam. I would come to school and work in the studio. I would like to use the print station and the photo studio.
  • Bojan: I am in Ljubljana. I am not planning to come back to Rotterdam before September unless needed. At the moment it seems I do not need the studio or anything from the stations.
  • Annalisa: currently in Milan, not planning to come back to Rotterdam until September