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SSHFS (SSH Filesystem) is a filesystem client for mounting remote directories on your machine, using an SSH connection.

By using it you can access, read, edit files from a remote machine on your local machine, as long as you have an account in the remote machine.


on Debian/Ubuntu

sudo apt update
sudo apt install sshfs

on mac

Use homebrew: If homebrew is not installed run the installation command:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Once brew is installed, run:

brew cask install osxfuse
brew install sshfs

Mounting the Remote File System with sshfs

sshfs command essential parameters:

sshfs user@host:remote_directory local_mount_directory  

How to mount:

Create a directory in your local machine, to be use as a mount point

mkdir ~/remote

Mount host remote directory onto the ~/remote directory

ssh user@host:/full/path/to/remote/dir ~/remote

That's it

How to unmount

To unmount the remote dir from the local directory we use the umount NOT unmount, BUT umount

umount ~/remote