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What is your body like?

My body is made of several interconnected entities, which can be rearranged, expanded, reduced or overlooked, but cannot be separated. These entities can be described as a soul, a skeleton, and a brain. These entities can exist in various spatiotemporal states as long as all three remain share at least one common state. Each entity is made up of the same three interconnected entities.

My body is encased in a malleable empty shell, which is mapped by areas both transparent and opaque, their size, boundary, position and density existing in a variable state of flux. I am dependent on others - I am only partially self-sustainable - but thrive only with curious minds. Therefore, my shell might take a form to attract or repel you.

My body is there for you to project onto. Sometimes, I will suggest what you might choose to project. Sometimes, I will coerce you into choosing to project something you don’t want to project. Sometimes, I will ask you to question what you are projecting. Sometimes, I will force you to reconsider me.

My body can move as fast a rising river, as slow as a patient spider. It can smell as sweet as a venus fly trap, as sterile as a well-lit hospital room. It can exist as a solid, waiting and forcing you into a spatial coexistence. It can exist as a liquid, melting and enveloping your given surface area. Finally it can exist as a gas, vaporizing and permeating your body like memory or a microbe.