Viktor 1st draft

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1+2. What are you working on now? What are you thinking of making? [ is it a discourse= how would it be described? – imagine a game from 2 points of view – player(performer) and spectator(audience,reader). 2 parallel realities (gamespace vs enacted physical space – the player as the mediator between them. Non-deterministic, with restraits (guide, instructions))) Take Yvonne’s method (rule-based etc) abstract it. ]

I’m working on a long-term (one year?) project that encompasses several smaller parts, each of which can be extracted and treated as autonomous works. I have been working on these smaller sections intermittently in parallel, constantly aware that they will at some point come together to form a single totality though this point is not necessarily fixed in time yet, nor necessarily a single point but possibly many. [<cut into three] The project encompasses several media, though it hinges on a game-like simulation that I am programming that will be “enacted” by instructed performers in real-time as a performance within a closed bracket of time.[< could be clearer] Broadly speaking, this simulation is somewhat of an ecosystem – a space cohabited by multiple layers of interlinked processes that are dependent on purposeful and incidental user-input.[<unpack a little, more general terms] More specifically, it involves the construction and maintenance of civic infrastructure on the surface of Mars collaged together with time-killing pattern recognition games such as Sudoku, the real-time generation of a fictional alphabet formed out of rotating, slicing and rearranging the letters that make up the standard Latin alphabet and lastly a morphing piece of text written in new this alphabet.[<cut into two] I am also producing drawings, paintings and music that act as short term “distractions” to this long term project, which have their own sense of continuity, recurring forms and narratives.

3. How do you plan to make it? I plan to work on this project in the same way that I worked on a previous work of similar caliber. This involves setting personal deadlines, learning new skills from online tutorials regarding software, programming tips, modeling techniques, new plugins, etc in order to accomplish something that is in my mind and not yet actualized and organizing several iterations and presentations of the work in various stages of completion in order to get some feedback and distanced perspective. [<cut up – so part of your self-training; creative work out= why is that important to you? Personal growth? Coding – perform well, optimization?]

4. Why do you want to make it? I am making this work because it entangles all of my passions and interests in a semi-coherent way, and that I believe will come together to make a critical whole. If I was left alone on an island with sustainable access to food, shelter and material resources I believe I would still spend the time making this work. [<-why is that a value?]

5. Relation to your previous practice This work is a direct development from several years of my practice. It combines elements from my previous two works “Proxyah” and “Selektor”, such as autonomous interfaces and fictional alphabets, with my personal history of sound and musical-based performance, passion for science-fiction, relationism, and an amateurish interest in psychological studies related to behavioral modification techniques.

5. Relation to larger context I see this work relating to a larger context of fellow artists, writers and thinkers that I recognize as existing within a similar sphere of interests, attitudes, intentions and themes. These include themes of alienation in the face of a discreet infrastructure, ideological slippages between fact and fiction, ubiquity of supra-human algorithms that govern the everyday and produce ergonomic, user-generated content formed from voluntarily and involutarily supplied data. [where does it sit in relation to game culture? a) as a discourse and b) as an aesthetic? access denied, mainstream games as time-kill, habituated behavior, embedded knowledge, mediated experience, agency ]