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In daily work the writing is a way to take note and hold ideas in a short term. My notebook contains lots of little suggestions (in Spanish & sometimes in English) I sometimes write a question to think about: “Do you think the cracks in the mud are the like the patterns of the flowers?” I think of writing as a thinking process, at the same level as sketches= they appear on the same page at the same level. “the difference between looking at something with open and partially closed eyes, is the same as that between the shape and the content of the shape.” [see sketch of triangles]. This translates through search as “suspicious eyes”

I would like to learn how to develop these notes (this method). If I am not able to write long, serious text, how can I use these short form. Answer: one important fact is that I have a bad memory and am easily distracted. [this is universal] yes, but in my case it is extreame: For instance I have to make notations into the book. I use this to recall. In the past I have written tales and stories, this is in another register to art practice 4 or 5 pages. Ambitions = 1) to not be so responsible, to have fun 2) to be able to develop interests through the practice = I want it to be more than an annotation tool.

How can you develop these things? 1) Aphorism – saying = notes taken from reality = [if they could be a book- what would it look like? Could it be a performed? Shared in a group?] 2) Stories= they are more ‘me’ [what does this mean?] They provide a place to play; without any kind of responsibility, they provide context- so knowledge of this helped me during a recent crisis. = [If a book, what form?] 3) notation in books= notes To me each of these are the same thing in a process