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List of words: Phantom Cast Liquid Absence Undersea Layers Presentation Marrow Mother pearl Vessel Mould Transformation Mask Forms Silicone Material Mystery Container Oyster Wave Sculpture


A moist phantom is emerging from my vase,

its voice is the cast of the coral

and its shape comes from the liquid shell.

No hands to catch, absence.

Underwater missed caress.

Warm and squamas making layers.

-Present yourself mystic stranger.

-I am the marrow of emptiness,

I am the motherpearl’s arranger.

The lost vessel is asking for

moulds made with sand

and deep breaths to transform:

The flying fishes into masks.

The forms into shiver tasks.

The silicone into indigo flasks.

Cadence and material cascades,

mystery dance steps

in a container of mucus shade.

-Hear the oyster calling you back,

the wave is moving you apart.

Vaporous sculptures don’t leave tracks.