Tupac hologram

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Date viewed: 18/4/12

Tupac hologram

Description: In Coachella festival 2012 snoop dogs set featured a hologram appearance of Tupac, the rapper who died in 1996.

This was interesting on a number of levels:

1-invisible -visible, the allusion of the body or the movement (like t-shirt video The body is represent through its absence but like a million times better!)

2- the legacy of a human being – another stage for the macheveillian drama

"Tupac is not dead! PAC WILL ALWAYS LIVE ON... IN OUR HEARTS & IN HIS MUSIC... LONG LIVE 2 PAC... TMZ has breaking news on new information coming to light suggesting Tupac is alive and well. Check it out it's crazy and y'all can thank me later! 7 day theory ;) TUPAC BACK ...TUPAC BACK :) YOLT You Only Live Twice He's alive. They jus holdin' him hostage."

3- soul ,creativity, the physical body being a shell here clearly manifest

4- possibilities of the 2d medium of moving image coming closer to live performance A clear relationship between performance and moving image real time

5- the pleasure in looking at human being immortalized at the height of physical beauty and performance skills

(to be elaborated on)


Tupac Performance Live Real Invisible-visible Outer-inner Legacy Artist Moving image as performance Future of performance Soul-ghost

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