Tor - question to thing in box

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We are a suspension of silver salts in gelatine. We are upheld by paper, glass or plastic. We are stable in the dark. In our different forms, our small crystals of silver salts are exposed to light and some of our atoms are released to a latent state. We are an alchemic being and we long to morph and mutate with the specific liquids fate seems to send our way. The mutation comes from an interaction with a world outside of our flat one. We live in the dark but sometimes, for a split second, there is a blinding brightness. Compared to our years of darkness and stillness, this sudden explosion completely rearranges us into a new kind of flatness with different densities.

The light is indifferent to us and we are indifferent to light. Yet we are conducive to each other. We are an alchemic being and we sense another being which we cannot see. This another does not consist of photons why we cannot interact with it. Yet we suspect this other to be of pivotal importance to our mutations and reactions. There seems like there must be intimacy with this other energy which we cannot conceptualise.

We consist of an array of sensitive surfaces. We are so so sensitive but only to photons. We feel the shadows of matter. We are absence of matter. We see ghosts and perhaps we are also ghosts. We are a ghost array. All the shadows of things we can never touch – stone, forests and weather. Skin, fur and conversations. Smells, laughter and roadtrips.

Alchemic ghost arrays, we have been fixed to this wall and our chemistry is parroting the shadows of moments. We are a single spectrum ghost that is fixed and ethereal. Our relationship to matter is instant and brief and devoid of all intimacy but our relationship to matter is also forever and etched into us with perfect detail and memory.