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Date viewed: Re: Tongue man

Description Its one single take camera is hand held.

A middle aged mans head in the center of the frame

There is a piano melody playing in the background, “de nenene de nenene de nenen.”

He is sitting in front of patterned curtain green with yellow leafy embellishments

He is flicking his tongue to the melody of the music, the camera pans quickly to the left and back then a small boy enters the shot from the right he is doing the same action he exists the shot again back to man focus of the screen he continues to move his tongue up and down in rapid manner. His eyes seem blank and steady towards the camera.


This video feels really creepy; one assumes they are father and son; it's a domestic setting. The act of moving your tongue to a melody along with your son may have come from a very innocent place but in this context its I read it as creepy and sexual.

I am trying to think about what makes me react like this.

The tongue action and his appearance reminds me of the character Hannibal Lector when he makes that noise with his mouth. Of course the noise with the mouth in silence of lambs is a brilliant device, it is meant to be a reminder to the character he is doing it to and to the audience that he know the taste of human flesh, really its not that different from the making this movement and noise to way wine connesurs do to get a palette of wine flavour, making it even weirder.

Equally in this video, it is inappropriate one may say for a grown man to be making these movements with his tongue in such a manner as it sits outside the normal everyday vocabulary of what the tongue should be doing in the public realm. Here the public realm is his family and then the public if YouTube. Inappropriate and appropriate behaviour

Tags Tongue flavour context taste

creepy appropriate and inappropriate behaviour public and private realm

creepy weird funny

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