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I’m slowly demystifying writing as a practice and recognising that it is a structure. The same is happening with art making. I think I had a romantic and poetic education, a naïve understanding that one could sit and start writing, you can have an epiphany. I have been thinking on the questions of what, why and how: I think these three questions will help me

On a writing practice: I write down little sentences which are manifestations of my thought process: I post on facebook: “there will be just nothing underneath” (a follow up to “no Earth” ). Sometimes a modified sentence (I wish these bills were real = I wish these bills were real dollar bills because they are brilliant”) and sometimes from scratch “tripping autonomy” ; “no economy for tripping autonomy”. I see them as compressed meanings= I would like to use language in my artworks = I would like to use typography, write they on something (for instance) OUTCOMES:= I see it as plain sentences made with sticky film, flag, LED, posters, sticky letters, projecting (exterior/interior), scratching, stitching, Tshirts. [how can you work with the serial nature of the texts (they are mutating). The slogan needs to exist for some time and it needs to be shared. CONTEXTS: On a shopping window: “I’m contacting you in confidence”. Simple type, using the medium and mode of production as advertising; it legitimised its presence. It was a Dutch artist. I realised it was a big project. These sentences were reproduced throughout Europe, using lines from corporate e-mails [or spam mails]. I would like to communicate outside the gallery context. In the example I gave I knew it must have been made by an artist (was it street art? So I was puzzled). [So it wasn’t street art, it wasn’t Banksy, it was art] [More here about possible outcomes] [Consider economy and speed in relation to the structure of the texts themselves and the structure of their distribution. How could the last be different? Think through the consequences of giving them another life] ] I am now using these phrases to work with form: compressed ideas to use as things. E.G.: “fast Flowers”. The production of flowers in the Netherlands. I convert them into tilted arrangements. “Lethal attachment” : Broomsticks smashed together, interesting effect, visualising this… Embroidery: use sweat shirt as a body, like tattoos [repository, a library]. Other embroidery options: towel, curtains, baseball caps, socks, shoes…